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The C. S. Lewis Bible #BookReview

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Title: The c.s. lewis bible
Author: C S Lewis
Publisher: HarperOne, 2014.
Edition/Format: Print book : Graphic : Fiction : Juvenile audience
Genre/Form: eBook : Document : English
Material Type: Document, Internet resource
Document Type: Internet Resource, Computer File
ISBN: 9780062213587
OCLC Number: 877989210
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Responsibility: C.S. Lewis.
BIBLES -- New Revised Standard Version -- General.


I don't know what's going on with Barnes & Noble, but I keep getting settlements which mean more money for my ebook library. That can't be good for their company. But I benefit from it... so I got The C. S. Lewis Bible NRSV.

Additionally, I was challenged by a series of lectures on the cannon of scripture. The speaker called out the fact that we all ascribe to our own "cannon within the cannon." He also asked if we had ever read Nahum... While I probably have read Nahum, I couldn't remember it at all. So I vowed to read the Bible through from begining to end.

Further, I became increasingly frustrated with the shallowness of the reading plans available in the Bible App and other places. Single verse readings, pithy devotionals... none of these things fit the bill for my needs.

Therefore, I resolved to read 10 chapters a day starting with Genesis on January 1. Tonight, I finished the Revelation of Jesus Christ on April 30. That's 66 books in 4 months. It feels good to set and meet a New Year's goal. And I learned a few things along the way.


C. S. Lewis' Writings as Bible Notes

I had sky-high expectations for this Bible. I expected valuable insight from one of my favorite writers ever. I thought this Bible would intricately weave Lewis' key points into scripture at key points to illuminate and inspire my mind. And yes, there were a few points where selections were perfectly selected for the passage.

But sometimes the quotations were not quite right. Also, there were some repeated pieces. My gripe is probably more directed at the editors than at Lewis at this point.

The New Revised Standard Version is a great, academic Biblical Translation. It was my first time using this translation for daily reading and I really enjoyed it.

Reading in Context

By reading ten chapters daily, I was able to read in context. I was able to read selections that I would not have typically read in the same sitting.

Additionally, I was able to read books like Genesis in the space of 5 days and the Psalms in two weeks. This allowed the entire book to remain fresh in my mind during the entire reading.

The flow from book to book was also fascinating to note as I read through the scriptures. I was able to read the Torah in the space of a couple weeks. Joshua, Judges and Ruth was next. The prophecy of Jeremiah and poetry of Lamentations complemented one another beautifully and tragically. And so on...

Reading Out Loud

One major boon was the fact that I have children that need to be put to bed at night. This was getting in the way with my readings for a while until I decided to read the Bible to my children at about the book of Job.

Scripture was always intended to be read aloud. I was able to not only consume the text cognitively, but I was about to feel the Word vibrate my vocal chords and resonate in my ears.

Next Steps

I plan to start it up again with a new translation. The founder of my faith tradition has his own translation of the Bible. Tomorrow, May 1 (my kids and) I start reading the Darby Bible! (You can also find it on the Bible App)

Keep reading!

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