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Love @mrscjimenez, Help Desk Analyst, Blogger, Runner & MLIS Student at USF. I play guitar, own two Rat Terriers & want to travel all over!

About me

I was born and raised in Miami, Fl., where I still reside. I am an active member of a Plymouth Brethren Assembly here in Miami called Bible Truth Chapel. We consider ourselves to be a non-denominational, conservative Bible Church.

However, I am not bound to simple hard-headed traditions, as I am open to hearing other ideas. My favorite place to listen to ideas is in the Green Library at Florida International University, where I was part of an Ecumenical Council for a few years while in my undergrads.

We Talk of Holy Things

Discussed in We Talk of Holy Things are my random thoughts on the Bible. I will post things I learned from sermons, my Sunday School Class, and daily readings (scripture & Christian books). I tend to post twice a week, though sometimes I get to feeling frisky and post more often.

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Go Away, Read Some Books!

You can read about my journey through graduate school on my other blog: Go Away, Read Some Books! I am studying to be an academic librarian/life-long learner. I will post secular book reviews there.

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The Christopher Jimenez Show

This podcast is a mash-up of both We Talk of Holy Things & Go Away, Read Some Books! with some extra content added. In addition to Theology & Literature, you will find fitness topics, interviews with people I think are interesting, music, stories about home life & anything else I think is worthy of air time.

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