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Brower on Judges

Judges 2:12-21, 3:2
Questions about Judges:
   > Was Barak faithless?
   > Was Gideon right or wrong w/ the fleece?
Flavor of the book of Judges:
   > Cycles of sin & redemption
   > Look for God in it

Joshua (victory) --> Judges (Cycles/victory) --> Ruth (Individual judges)
   > Joshua is what should be
   > Judges and Ruth are what really is
"Is God getting the glory in my life right now?"

Division of Judges
1-3:5 = Intro
   > Ch. 1 = Why? Man'd view (carnal)
   > Ch. 2 = Why? God's view (spiritual)
3:6-16 = Cycles
17-21 = Nature of defeat (idolatry/immorality)

"In man's total unfaithfulness & immorality, God remains faithful. No matter how deep or evil the unfaithfulness."
"Learn to have victory in the small things so sin doesn't build up until you're overwhelmed by the other gods."

What does spiritual warfare entail & what is the discipline of God?
(3:2) Teach war: we must learn spiritual warfare
   > Life is a struggle
   > Discipline of God
(2:14) When a believer is living in sin, God is angry.
   > Obedience gives God glory, disobedience doesn't
   > Spoiler: work that doesn't satisfy them
   > No victory: besetting sin
     God wants victory HIS WAY => God gets the glory
(2:15) When nothing works out...
   > Ask: Lord, is it me? The Lord loves you so much He tries to tell you through experiences.
   > Why? For repentance... to put you in a place of blessing.
"The enemy that you don't kill now will come back to be your king."

Man's View
(1:1-2) Good start: they fight
   > Victory + Bride + Desert = Needs
   > Need a spring
   > Asked for it
(1:19-34) Could not drive them out
   > End up being kicked out.
   > Partial disobedience is a downward spiral.
(1:30,33,35) TRIBUTE -- benefits
   > Rationale: reasons for disobedience = convenience.

Learn about war
(Joshua 5:13-6:2) They, in obedience, knew war was impossible. But when the Angel of the Lord fights with them it was easy.
"I'd rather have someone stronger than me fight my battles."
(2:1-3) War is terrible when fighting on your own.
   > When you disobey, you fight alone & will never win.
   > Get ready for sad days.
   > God needs the glory every time.

"Do we want to obey the Lord? When we do, God will bring the victories."

Matthew 8: Repentant Faith

> Jesus
> Great Multitudes
> Leper
> Centurion
>Peter's Mother in Law
> Many demon possessed
"_" Isaiah
> Scribe
> Disciple(s)
> Demoniacs
> Demons
> Whole city

1. Down the mountain (1-4)
2.Capernaum (5-17)
   > Peter's house (14-17)
3. Sea of Galilee (18-27)
4. Gadarenes (28-34)

Analysis: 6 events of Faith
1) Leper: Faith realizes God's power & sovereignty.
   > Faith makes confession.
2) Centurion: Faith recognizes that God's Word is final.
   > Faith is credulous.
[Andrew commented on the irony of the Romans believing Christ when they would nail him to a cross later.]
3) Mother in Law: Faith resigns itself to God.
   > Faith makes concession.
4) Disciples: Faith renounces whatever potentially holds it back.
   > Faith is conscious.
5) Stormy Sea: Faith rests in God's plan, even when resolution is not clear.
   > Faith is comfortable.
[Joe noted that earlier in the chapter great faith is mentioned, now it's juxtaposed with little faith.]
6) Demoniacs: Faith remains faithful even without support.
   > Faith is consistent.

3 types of people that are presented
2 Jews
   Leper is positive
   Mother in Law is neutral/positive
2 Gentiles
   Centurion is positive
   City of Gergesenes is negative
2 Disciples
   Questioning is negative
   In the storm is negative

Conclusion: "Note that we do not talk about Faith acting on it's own, this is Faith reacting to Christ's real presence."

Hosea: Craig Fritchey

Hall Of Faith: The Prophets
Hosea I

Jews considered Hosea > Isaiah
Theme = Redeeming Love of God
   > God never gives up
(H.) married Gomer knowing that she would be unfaithful.--choice.
   > Same with God
History of Israel: God delivers from Egypt => Israel has holy area and groves/high places too.

Prophecy in Hosea: Scattering of the people (2:18-end of chap)
   > Israel was scattered but kept identity
   > Did not follow idols from the Macabees on.

We as gentiles are even worse without the law.
   > Rom. 5:6 - Sinners, enemies are reconciled to God.

Quote about God's perseverance in love: "You don't wanna be a creeper, that's the human way. But it's not that way with God. You could say, in a very respectful way, that He's a creeper. He will always pursue you."

Quote about introspection: "There comes a time in our lives when we have to put the harlotry away."

Eph. 5:8-14: We are light--walk as children of the light.
   Put aside sin -- hard-core bad things
   Put aside weights -- Indifferent things that hurt the relationship
   "Put away wishy-washy, casual Christianity."

Hosea 2:16-20: Becoming a husband from a master
   > Love and intimacy in the relationship
   > To know Him as we are known (1 Cor. 13)

[Reggie commented on Hosea's acceptance of the commission. No struggle to accept, had faith that it's from God. No assurance that it will be positive in life. No assurance of instant blessing.]

Judge Wisely: Matthew 7

Repentance in judgement.
Same characters and scene as prevalent in Matthew 5 & 6.

Questions on Vs. 1-6
   > Should we, as Christians, judge?
   > Condemn?
   > Discern?
We are to be marked by equality in our judgement. We are to repent before judging.
   > Jesus shows us how to judge wisely
     He shows repentance in judgement
     Shows what to judge

1. Choose your desires (7-12)
Ask yourself, "what is it that I really want? Is it pure?"
   > Don't fool yourself
[Joe said sometimes you can be taken away w/ modern convenience. We should be asking for a broken relationship.]

2. Choose your path (13-14)
There is a right and wrong choice--make sure you've chosen correctly.

3. Choose your influences (15-20)
We are easily swayed by people
   > Be careful who you listen to.
[Joe said when someone errs, approach them rightly, and be ready to correct and reconcile.]

4. Choose your actions (16-23)
Is your confession influencing your profession and vice-versa?

5. Choose your foundation (24-27)
Foundation = Rock = Jesus Christ

[Joe commented regarding the preeminence of Christ: Christ was an authority, separate from other teachers.]
[Andrew commented regarding the importance of good choices: Bad apple = Bad bunch.]

Conclusion: We, as Christians, must always judge. We must discern between right and wrong and are obligated to choose rightly. We must choose to honor our Lord rather than dishonor Him. The first place we need to look and judge is in our own lives.

1 Thessalonians 5 Thomas Wheeler

About the tribulation.

  Chapter 1:10. Wait for Jesus.

  Dan iel 9:24-27. Tribulation is for the Jews.

     7 years & trouble at the half way point.

Chapter 4

  (1-8) faith

  (9-12) love

  (13-end  hope

Chapter 5

  Verses 12-16 = 7 public commands

     Love for workers & elders

          Respect authority

          Go out of your way to keep them informed.

     Be at peace with each other.

     Don't be unruly.

     Comfort each other

     Upholds the weak

     Don't render evil for evil

          Catch evil impulses, judge and put them away.

Verses 17-22= 7 personal commands


  Pray: goes against our sinful nature.

  Give thanks in everything.

  Yield to the Spirit

  Don't despise prophets

  Hold to good

  Abstain from evil
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