Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brower on Judges

Judges 2:12-21, 3:2
Questions about Judges:
   > Was Barak faithless?
   > Was Gideon right or wrong w/ the fleece?
Flavor of the book of Judges:
   > Cycles of sin & redemption
   > Look for God in it

Joshua (victory) --> Judges (Cycles/victory) --> Ruth (Individual judges)
   > Joshua is what should be
   > Judges and Ruth are what really is
"Is God getting the glory in my life right now?"

Division of Judges
1-3:5 = Intro
   > Ch. 1 = Why? Man'd view (carnal)
   > Ch. 2 = Why? God's view (spiritual)
3:6-16 = Cycles
17-21 = Nature of defeat (idolatry/immorality)

"In man's total unfaithfulness & immorality, God remains faithful. No matter how deep or evil the unfaithfulness."
"Learn to have victory in the small things so sin doesn't build up until you're overwhelmed by the other gods."

What does spiritual warfare entail & what is the discipline of God?
(3:2) Teach war: we must learn spiritual warfare
   > Life is a struggle
   > Discipline of God
(2:14) When a believer is living in sin, God is angry.
   > Obedience gives God glory, disobedience doesn't
   > Spoiler: work that doesn't satisfy them
   > No victory: besetting sin
     God wants victory HIS WAY => God gets the glory
(2:15) When nothing works out...
   > Ask: Lord, is it me? The Lord loves you so much He tries to tell you through experiences.
   > Why? For repentance... to put you in a place of blessing.
"The enemy that you don't kill now will come back to be your king."

Man's View
(1:1-2) Good start: they fight
   > Victory + Bride + Desert = Needs
   > Need a spring
   > Asked for it
(1:19-34) Could not drive them out
   > End up being kicked out.
   > Partial disobedience is a downward spiral.
(1:30,33,35) TRIBUTE -- benefits
   > Rationale: reasons for disobedience = convenience.

Learn about war
(Joshua 5:13-6:2) They, in obedience, knew war was impossible. But when the Angel of the Lord fights with them it was easy.
"I'd rather have someone stronger than me fight my battles."
(2:1-3) War is terrible when fighting on your own.
   > When you disobey, you fight alone & will never win.
   > Get ready for sad days.
   > God needs the glory every time.

"Do we want to obey the Lord? When we do, God will bring the victories."
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