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Brower: Judges 7-8

Things to remember:
> Joshua, Judges & Ruth are written in the same vein.
> There are no heroes in the Bible. God is the only true hero.
> The book of Judges = The marvel that God has such great plans for us that He is willing to bring us great pain to force us to rely on Him.

God doesn't need us for the victory
     He gives it to us-->He must get honor.

Judges Seven:
(2) 4 to 1 odds at to begin with.
(3) 13.5 to 1 odds after first test -- Send the fearful back.
     Not everybody has to be involved in everything.
(5) 450 to 1 odds after this test.
     God wins the victory, you just come along.
     Gideon was willing because he knew that God is trustworthy.

Judges Eight:
Gideon is dealing with Israel's problems
     The problem within is difficult to deal with.
(1) Ephraim: wants to be victorious and a hero (They want glory)
     Gideon gives a soft answer...
(5) Succoth: Faith in God to start, but not to finish the work.
     Gideon gets harsh with them.
     (8) Peniel has the same problem as Succoth.
     (16) Gideon ends up "instructing" them
(22) Israel: Most dangerous -- trust in a man
     The flesh always wants credit
     We are at best a channel for God's glory to come through.
(24-27) The Ephod -- Who wore ephods?
     Priests, prophets & kings.
     Weight of this ephod = 50-70 lbs of GOLD.
          Way too heavy for man, it was a memorial for God omnipotence.
Conclusion: God must get the victory, we must be willing to be placed in a position to be used -- and He will use you.

Brower: Judges 6 - Gideon

Lessons of Chapter 6
From a coaching standpoint, there are two main goals:
     1. Learn they can win (mental)
     2. Learn the fundamentals to win (equipped)
          When the two come together, you can have victory.

Judges 7:1 "Then"
     Chapter six had to come before the victory comes into place.

(1-10) Background
     (1-2) People in the land were living like beat-down, scared animals.
          When the people of God do not live by God's principles, they live like this.
     (3-6) The land was beaten down and empoverished.
     (7-10) God's message: It is your fault
          Partial obedience = the downfall of God's people
          Step one is to acknowledge it's your problem.

(11-23) Lesson 1: You need a new focus.
     God says: Look at me, not your situation.
     Surrender all for the Lord to consume.
     (11) Was he afraid? Perhaps he was smart. He definitely worked hard. He was also responsible.
     (19) A kid cost a lot of $. It was a real sacrifice.
"Until you are willing to offer everything to God, you will not experience all God has for you."

(25-28) Lesson 2: Actively replace your old altars with God's
     1. Tear down (25)
     2. Raise up (28)
     (27) By night = Intelligence.
     (31) Battle between the gods...
          NOTE: There is no need to defend God, just let Him do His thing.
     Formula for a good leader:
          1. Surrender and have peace with God
          2. Align your life with God's will

(30-40) Lesson 3: Need assurance from God
A question about blessing.
     Manna as dew = blessing
     Fleece: Land & animals.
          Gideon sought blessing on both the people and the land.

Are you willing to take these steps?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Matthew 13

> Jesus (1)
> Multitudes (2)
> Disciples (10)
"_" Isaiah (14)
[M] Devil (19)
"_" Psalms (35)
< Multitudes (36)
Jesus and Disciples Go to Nazareth (53-54)
> Crowd at Synagogue (54)

(1) "Same day" = by the sea
     Train of thought: looking for signs, unbelief, redefinition of family
     By the Sea
          Shore (2)

(36) Into the house

(54) His own country -- Nazareth


Parables: Moral tale to show one major point.
Allegory: A narrative in which every element represents a greater truth. (e.g. Pilgrim's Progress)
     Jesus used parables in His ministry. 2 main forms: Comparative & Contrasting
     He used 8 in this chapter (All had positive thrusts "do this;" 3 contained negative messages also "don't do")

(1-23) Soils (+ & -)
     Jesus explained it in (18-23)
     Where do you want to be?
     How many places does He present? 4.
           There's a 1 in 4 chance of having the right heart.

(24-30) Wheat & Tares (+ & -)
     Jesus explains (38-43)
     Where do you want to be? Barn.
          Only 2 choices. No other way to go.

(31-35) Mustard Seed / Leaven (+)
     These parables are all about association
     The Kingdom of Heaven gets bigger
     The Kingdom is a great thing and you want to be associated with it now, so you'll be there when it bursts forth.

Previously, Jesus' parables were told to the multitudes. The multitudes were non-committed people. From here on out, Jesus talks to His committed followers, the Disciples. Notice the change in tone and message.

(44-45) Hidden Treasure / Pearl (+)
     Sell out for heaven

(47-51) Dragnet (+& -)
     Separation -- Be His
     Where do you want to be? With the just.

Householder (+)
     The Old Testament as seen in light of Jesus
           The old and new.

In Nazareth (54-56)
     Jesus is rejected
          The people become a living illustration of the wicked.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Craig Fritchey - Growing Last Year

Notes on what brothers and sisters shared with Craig concerning their growth over the past year.

Kevin McGuire - John 1:9
He made a scary decision to move to Pennsylvania.
He found a good assembly and grew.
     Developed maturity
     Got a lot of support.
Main message: you are never alone.

Chuck - Psalm 23
It is beautiful reading.
Trouble and fear is abated just by meditating on these words.
     Our assurance is in God.

Alexis Jimenez - Jeremiah (6:6)
She expected judgment in this book but found a lot of love and mercy.
     She noticed how God's heart breaks.
We are told to find a good way and walk in it.

Roger - John 16:33
Peace is our hope.
     Only peace offering.

Rachel Gomez - True Christian Liberty
1 Cor. 8:13 - More important to preserve unity and love than to fight for liberty.

Joseph Jimenez - James 1:1-4
Patience is developed by tribulation.
     Struggles are necessary for our completion.
We must wait on the Lord.

David Roberts - Time Management
2 Cor. 5:16 & Psalm 90:12
"Utilize the time given to me for the glory of His Kingdom."

Bucket Week Boy - 1 Timothy 6:17-19
Are we having hard times? Compare yourself to the rest of the world. We are rich!
     Don't trust in the "uncertain riches"
     What are you doing for the Kingdom?

Bucket Week Girl - 1 John 2:28; 4:17
It is easy to forget that we give account at the end.
     We must abide in the truth of His Word

Chelsea Fritchey - Hebrews 10:23; Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust Christ through change
     Faith develops under pressure

Janie's Cousin - Romans 2:13
He was reminded that we say but don't do sometimes.

Bucket Week Girl - Psalms 148:9Make an effort to reach out to other believers -- even annoying ones.

1 Timothy 6:11-12 (Craig)
You must know the faith so you won't be shaken.
Be grounded in love, because it is the most important thing.

Calvin Fritchey - Luke 1:67-2:20

Luke 1:67-2:20
(Luke 17:3-5) Our faith can be increased by the Christmas story. It is good for us.

On the Shepherds - Faith in the Gospel
When angels appear, it can be a scary thing.
(9) They were scared. But they had faith in the gospel.
(10) The gospel is for all people.
     It doesn't matter where we're from.
What kind of people? People who are in darkness, which is everyone.
     (John 3:19) Affections of people are for darkness.
     (1 Peter 2:19) Called out of darkness & brought into light.
     (Romans 11:32) Add ourselves to the list of people in need.. so we can understand the richness of our salvation.
"I love the light, because when I walk in darkness I break too much stuff."
"Someone loved me enough to tell me the good news of the Lord Jesus. Do I love others enough to share with them?"

On Travel - Faith in God's Provision
Mary & Joseph had to travel approximately 90 miles = a week's journey.
They have to up & leave twice.
     Walked to Egypt and back.
     Perhaps there were treacherous places where fear could take hold.
     What about food? Do they have loads to carry?
     What possessions could they take with them?
     Remember they traveled both pregnant and with a toddler.
Will I get up and go?
Will I use my resources for the Lord?

Faith's Results
(10) Great Joy to...
     The person who believes
     In heaven (Luke 15:7)
     Jesus (Luke 10:21)
Am I excited about the good news?
Do I believe He can produce great results?

"Let's pray for one another, that we would have boldness to share the good news."

Matthew 12 / "Take Your Time"

   > Jesus (1)
   > 12 Disciples (1)
   > Pharisees (2)
   [R] David (3)
   > Paralytic (10)
   > Multitudes (15)
   "_" Isaiah (17)
   [R] Beelzebub (24)
   [R] Holy Spirit (28)
   [R] Jonah (39)
   [R] Sheba (42)
   > Mother and Brothers (46)

(1-8) Grain fields
(9-14) "their" synagogue
     An invention dating back to the 3rd Century in Egypt.
     Wherever 10 Jewish men were gathered in a region, one was instituted.
     Only one mention of a synagogue in the Psalms in OT.
(15-50) "Withdrew from there"


(1-13) About the Sabbath
     What is the purpose of Sabbath Holiness? To honor God in all things!
     There is no intrinsic morality attached to the Sabbath (As compared to lying, murder...)
          The only reason the Sabbath was to be holy is because God said so (a good enough reason).
     Jesus honored God in the sabbath more by doing good that the Pharisees did by doing nothing.
     The Illustration of David (1 Samuel 21:5)
          David was a Godly man who honored God. God looks at the heart.
          The men lead holy lives and bread is, in essence, common.
          The parallel is clear: the Sabbath is just another day, holy people doing holy deeds make it holy.
      Jesus uses the illustration of the sheep in order to point out the hypocrisy and motivation of greed inherent in people.
          How much more important are people than animals?
     The sabbath is not a front for holiness, it should not be an excuse for selfishness.

(15) Jesus is non-confrontational.
     Jesus, in Godly fashion, does not push Himself on unbelieving people.
     Isaiah's prophecy and Jesus' actions serve to contrast the Pharisee's reaction.
     This approach goes back to the Garden of Eden.

(23) David is again brought up, this time by the people about Jesus.
     The Pharisees are forced to refute it; they have been rejecting Him, how could they call Him the Messiah?
     They refute it from the top of their heads with a rash accusation.
     Didn't think it through: Spoke idly & blindly, Shooting from the hip...
     Unguarded words reveal the heart -- Theirs was hardened.
     (22-27) The Unpardonable Sin.
          Can it be committed today?
          One can harden and fool themselves to their death.
          If the Spirit tries to save and you reject Him, how can you expect salvation?
          Remember that time does not pass by, time is eternal. We are the ones who pass by. Take your time and use it for holiness.

(38-42) A Sign: Prove it (I dare you)
     Despite all the signs, they ask for more.
     Jonah (Death, Burial & Ressurrection) for the Jew
     Sheba (True wisdom) for the Gentile
          The repentant should not depend on signs

(43-45) Demons returning
     Reform on your own will bring other issues.
     Repentance with Christ is true.

(46-50) Family
     Primary focus = please God (holiness)
     Note: Jesus does not necessarily ignore His family.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Matthew 11

     Jesus (1)
     > Disciples (1)
     [M] John the Baptist (2)
     > John's disciples (2)
     > Multitudes (7)
     "_" Malachi (10)
     [M] They (18)

Just sent His disciples out = Ministry squared
     There is an explosion of Jesus' influence.
     Jesus confirms John's message.
Jesus' popularity soars though He still preaches a tough message.

(2-14) John seeks confirmation of Jesus
     Jesus says: Look at my fruit.
     Remember Isaiah's prophecy.
     Jesus proceeds to confirm John (reversal)
          John honestly sought truth; God blesses that.

(16-19) Woe to individuals
     (16) BUT: People who seek excuse for doubt.
          Doubts should never begin as conclusions.
     (19) Look at their fruit.

(20-24) Woe to entire cities
     (20) THEN: It's a continuation in the same vein...
     No repentance in spite of all they had seen and heard.
     Jesus was popular, but not believed on.
          The people enjoyed the fruit.
[Andrew likened the people to binge eaters, who eat and barf immediately.]

(25-30) Peace on the Earth
     (25) Jesus answered.. what was the question?
     How do we handle doubt? Look to Him.
          Don't look around Him.
          Don't look below Him.
          Don't look at all the stuff.
     Between verses 29 & 30 He makes 7 references to Himself.
     Christ's yoke is light & burden is easy.
          True peace = Christ.
[Joe wonders at the greatness of the Lord--He knows their actions but still pursues.]
          Don't look at all the stuff.

Patrick McGuire - John the Baptist II

Hebrews 11
"Obtained promises" ... He did a lot!
Who was he? He was both a Prophet and the fulfillment of prophecy.
     (Matt. 11:11) Jesus gives him a ringing endorsement.

Birth = Priest, and related to Christ.
     (Luke 1:13, 13-17)
     "Jehovah has been gracious"
Experience in the womb = Luke 1:39-44
     Proves abortion is wrong - Life in the womb
     Make a choice, choose not to abort.
"God allows us to make bad choices & some of us do. Hopefully, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will not make those bad decisions."

     (Mal. 3:1) describes him as a messenger
     (Mal. 4:4) describes him as Elijah the Prophet
     He is to prepare the way (he is secluded, honest and outspoken)
     (Luke 1:16-17) The Message: Jesus Christ is the lamb of God.
          (Matt. 3:11; Jn. 1:27) He knew his place.
          (Jn. 1:34) Witness / Testify
          (Jn. 1:15) Preeminence of God
          (Mk. 1:4) Baptism and repentance

Bump in the road (Matthew 11)
     Here we see confusion and confirmation
     John spoke up against the King and made an impression on him.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Matthew 10

     > Jesus
     > 12 Disciples named
     "_" Micah
Towns and villages of Capernaum
Dealing with the Zealots and Essenes

(1) Authority comes >>from>> God >>through>> the disciples >>to>> do the work

(7) Why are they not to preach repentance?
[Andrew: The people don't need to?]
[Joe: They are lost sheep.]

(19) Words come >>from>> God >>through>> the disciples >>to>> the hearers

(17-31) What opposition did Jesus get so far?
     Remember that these are the popular years

(34) Peace on earth, Jesus is peace.
     Don't believe Jesus, don't get peace.

(35-39) Word play shows that Jesus is the greatest.

(40) Glory goes >>through>> us and is >>delivered to>> God

(41-42) Negative thing are noticed
(26-32) Positive things are noticed
     All things are noticed & God reacts accordingly

Calvin Fritchey - John the Baptist

Hebrews 11:1-2, 39-40
Good report: because of their faith
(36) Bonds and imprisonment can translate into a good report. 
(Luke 1:13-17, 41-44; Matthew 3:1-8, 11; Mark 11:1-15)
     1. Wonder of the womb
     2. Work of the ministry
     3. Wavering faith

1. Wonder of the womb (Luke 1)
Old people pray for a child.
     Pray for a miracle
     He was called before birth
(Isaiah 40:3) Jesus applies this passage to John the Baptist
(2 Timothy 1:9) We have a calling/purpose
     From before birth
(2 Thessalonians 1:5) Calling is to glorify Christ
     Are we walking worthily?
     (2 Thess. 1:10) Witness to others.
(1 Corinthians 7:17) Status is a calling/ministry.

2. Work of the ministry (Matthew 3)
Purity found in Luke 1:15 set him apart from the others.
(Proverbs 31:4-7) Wine and strong drink makes you forget the law.
     Impaired judgement
     Forget troubles
     Inspires anger
     Causes problems
     Impairs growth, physical and spiritual
          NOTE: Beer is included in strong drink.
(2 Timothy 5:22) Don't lay hands or partake in other's sins
     Don't drink
(2 Tim. 2:19) Be apart from iniquity.
     Willful disobedience.
Not afraid of the king
Not afraid of religious leaders
(2 Tim. 1:7) No fear or shame
Peculiar Presence (Mt. 11:7)
Not wearing a coat or tie.
He is not appealing to look at.

3. Wavering Faith
(Matthew 11) John's doubt
Gloomy place.
Scripture causes doubt to cease
(1 John 5)
Persecution Standing for God
(1 Peter 2:19-) Calling is synonymous with suffering.
He says it's thank-worthy.
Persecution, the question is: am I willing?

Walter Stanley - Hebrews 12

Hebrews 12:1-3

Cain & Abel----(Suffers)
(Jealous of righteous Abel)

Sometimes we get discouraged & fail 
     If we know that suffering is coming (expect it), we can use it to strengthen our faith.

Enoch was taken because he had confidence in God.
     Speaks of believers today
     Joy of knowing he pleased God
     We have the same calling today.

"We must do the things that honor the Lord. If we fear Him, then we will do the things that honor the Lord."

Cloud of Witnesses
Those who went before and sufficiently pleased the Lord with their lives
     Examples to us
     We should live pure lives.

"We have a savior that is able to keep us & deliver us & make us into what he wants us to be."

"The Lord will bring about what is just; what is right. We just need to be faithful."

The Lord finished what He came here to do.
     He took the sting of sin.

(5-8) Chastening sometimes is good.
     That's why we rejoice in suffering.

Conclusion: Be not discouraged. God is faithful & working in your life.

Matthew 9

     > Jesus (1)
     > Men / Paralytic (2)
     > Teachers of the Law (3)
     > Crowd (8)
     > Matthew (9)
     > Tax Collectors / Sinners (10)
     > Pharisees / Disciples (11)
     > John's Disciples (14)
     > Ruler (Jairus?) (18)
     > Woman with Issue of Blood (20)
     > Crowd (23)
     > Girl (25)
     > Blind Man (27)
     > Demon-possessed mute (32)
     > Crowd (33)
     > Pharisees (34)

     (1-8) Jesus' "own town" = Capernaum
     (9-18) Tax collector's booth -- Tax collector's house
[Andrew notes how interesting it is that Jesus would be seen with a tax collector.]
     (19-23) On the way...
     (23-26) Ruler's house
     (27-34) "On"
[Andrew took note of the historicity that Luke brings to the passage.]
     (35-37) Various towns in the area.

     Matthew drives the narrative with 5 questions in this chapter.

I. (1-8) Question in vs. 4
     The answer is walk.
     Both literally and metaphorically.
     He did it because of vs. 8

II. (9-13) Question in vs. 11
     The answer is He came for them.
     Remember, they are repenting.

III. (14-17) Question in vs. 14
     Answer in vs. 15
     Jesus Christ brings joy and is here.

IV. (18-26) No actual question, 
     But I ask from the passage: Is anyone beyond grace?
     The answer: only the unrepentant.

V. (27-37) Question in vs. 28
     The point is: what is your answer?
     The most important question in the bible.
          > Ends with asking
[Andrew is amazed at the unbelief of the scribes. Power corrupts.]

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dr. Gary Cohen: Psalm 92

Psalm 92: A Thanksgiving Psalm
(1) Attitude of appreciation. We teach children this so they don't develop a sense of entitlement.
     It's sinful not to be thankful
(2) Lovingkindness & Faithfulness
     Lovingkindness: Bestow blessings on others
     Faithfulness: Constant, not moody
(4-5) Works of God & Thoughts of God
     Works of God are seen in creation.
     The thoughts of God are love to us. Thoughts = God's plan.
"The Chemistry of the intestines is just so complex that when you read about it you just say, 'Oh God, I praise you for your mighty works!'"
(7) God is Eternal & The Wicked are Temporary
     In a sinful world evil flourishes, but they won't last.
     God will outlast & undo all evil.
     Though, this says nothing about easing current pains.
          > Always remember that God is above the earth's system.
(10-11) Blessing on Ourselves & Judgement on the Wicked
     The believer is lifted up.
     Anointed = bathing in the ancient world. It symbolized a new beginning.
     For personal tormentors there is judgement and deliverance.
(12-13) God's blessings & Eternity with God
     The trees are symbolic of God's blessing. The fact that they are planted speaks of permanence.
     To be with God forever is eternal life. That is the best place to be planted.
(15) God's Faithfulness & No Unrighteousness
     Rocks (like Gibraltar) are steady.
     God is holy -- Morally Upright. His promises are dependable forever.
          > He is angry with sin, demands justice and, in mercy, provides a substitution.

Andy Fritchey - Jonah

Summary of Jonah
Word of the Lord
Wickedness of Ninevah
Weather & Waves
Word of Jonah
Works of Ninevah

Ninevah, Capital of Assyria = Violent city
     Heinous brutality
     Nimrod "we will rebel" founded Ninevah
     Nahum brings final judgment to Ninevah, it serves as a sequel to the book of Jonah.

Jonah is the focus, his obedience to God
     Or his lack of obedience
     Jonah's decision making is poor.
          > God still wants to use us

(1:2) "Arise and go"
(1:3) "Down" (1:5) "Lay" (1:15) "Sea"
      Jonah keeps going down
      Hosea: Arise--He went
      Acts 8:26: Arise & go - Arise & went
      Acts 9:11: Arise & go - Lingered
      Gen 19:15: Rise - Not so Lord
           > Good word study

How does Jonah display faith?
      Jonah's Prayer (2:1-9)
      Given his circumstances, he found the faith to pray to God
      Rests in God's grace: Rom. 5:20
      Jonah quotes the Psalms (Ps. 139:7 = comfort)
Faith in restoration
Prayer brings Jonah to where God wants him to be
(2:9) God is the owner of salvation & bestows it on whom he will.

Calvin Fritchey - Proverbs 14

(1) Women: exalted in the Word of God.
     John 19:25-27: Provision for Christ's mother
          > She is blessed among women
          > Jesus had other siblings, but He made special provision.
     There are many women in the Hall of Faith

(1) Building a House -- Family Matters
     Prov. 31:26: What is the household?
     Rom. 16:10: People who lived in the house
          (Acts 10:1; 16:30; 18:7  -- Not just a building)
     1 Pet. 2:4-5: Living Stones = Family of God
     2 Cor. 5:1: Our earthly and heavenly bodies are a house

2 Tim. 3:14-17 -- Women were the ones who taught the children (1:5)
Build up husband as well.

The 4-Step Home
     1. 1 Cor. 3:11: Foundation = Lord Jesus Christ
     2. Ps. 119:9: Walls = God's Word to keep sin out
     3. Col. 3:1-3: Roof = Security in Christ when focused on His protection
     4. Rom. 5:5: Something Inside = Holy Spirit (Converts the house into a home)

(2) Walk upright means there's no need to hide.
     Phil. 2:14-15: Be a blameless light

(3) Knowing when to speak (James 3)
"God's given us lips to keep us from wagging our tongues."
     Heb. 13:15   Fruit: plural, constant stream of praise to God
     Prov 15:1    Easy to be harsh. Learn, it's not natural.
     Prov 15:7    Desire to share knowledge. Be giving.
     Prov 15:23    When it goes right, it feels good. Right thing, right time.
     Prov 15:28    Study the answer.
     Prov 16:1    Prepare our heart. Daily prep, put into our mind so He can pull out.

(4) Benefit vs Work
     2 Thess. 3:6-10: Responsibility to work so that we can eat.
     Prov 6:6-10: The ant works = wisdom is not lazy.

Conclusion: It is hard work to build a household that honors the Lord in this world, but it is something we as Christians must do.
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