Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Patrick McGuire - John the Baptist II

Hebrews 11
"Obtained promises" ... He did a lot!
Who was he? He was both a Prophet and the fulfillment of prophecy.
     (Matt. 11:11) Jesus gives him a ringing endorsement.

Birth = Priest, and related to Christ.
     (Luke 1:13, 13-17)
     "Jehovah has been gracious"
Experience in the womb = Luke 1:39-44
     Proves abortion is wrong - Life in the womb
     Make a choice, choose not to abort.
"God allows us to make bad choices & some of us do. Hopefully, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will not make those bad decisions."

     (Mal. 3:1) describes him as a messenger
     (Mal. 4:4) describes him as Elijah the Prophet
     He is to prepare the way (he is secluded, honest and outspoken)
     (Luke 1:16-17) The Message: Jesus Christ is the lamb of God.
          (Matt. 3:11; Jn. 1:27) He knew his place.
          (Jn. 1:34) Witness / Testify
          (Jn. 1:15) Preeminence of God
          (Mk. 1:4) Baptism and repentance

Bump in the road (Matthew 11)
     Here we see confusion and confirmation
     John spoke up against the King and made an impression on him.
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