Monday, January 3, 2011

Calvin Fritchey - Proverbs 14

(1) Women: exalted in the Word of God.
     John 19:25-27: Provision for Christ's mother
          > She is blessed among women
          > Jesus had other siblings, but He made special provision.
     There are many women in the Hall of Faith

(1) Building a House -- Family Matters
     Prov. 31:26: What is the household?
     Rom. 16:10: People who lived in the house
          (Acts 10:1; 16:30; 18:7  -- Not just a building)
     1 Pet. 2:4-5: Living Stones = Family of God
     2 Cor. 5:1: Our earthly and heavenly bodies are a house

2 Tim. 3:14-17 -- Women were the ones who taught the children (1:5)
Build up husband as well.

The 4-Step Home
     1. 1 Cor. 3:11: Foundation = Lord Jesus Christ
     2. Ps. 119:9: Walls = God's Word to keep sin out
     3. Col. 3:1-3: Roof = Security in Christ when focused on His protection
     4. Rom. 5:5: Something Inside = Holy Spirit (Converts the house into a home)

(2) Walk upright means there's no need to hide.
     Phil. 2:14-15: Be a blameless light

(3) Knowing when to speak (James 3)
"God's given us lips to keep us from wagging our tongues."
     Heb. 13:15   Fruit: plural, constant stream of praise to God
     Prov 15:1    Easy to be harsh. Learn, it's not natural.
     Prov 15:7    Desire to share knowledge. Be giving.
     Prov 15:23    When it goes right, it feels good. Right thing, right time.
     Prov 15:28    Study the answer.
     Prov 16:1    Prepare our heart. Daily prep, put into our mind so He can pull out.

(4) Benefit vs Work
     2 Thess. 3:6-10: Responsibility to work so that we can eat.
     Prov 6:6-10: The ant works = wisdom is not lazy.

Conclusion: It is hard work to build a household that honors the Lord in this world, but it is something we as Christians must do.
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