Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brower: Judges 7-8

Things to remember:
> Joshua, Judges & Ruth are written in the same vein.
> There are no heroes in the Bible. God is the only true hero.
> The book of Judges = The marvel that God has such great plans for us that He is willing to bring us great pain to force us to rely on Him.

God doesn't need us for the victory
     He gives it to us-->He must get honor.

Judges Seven:
(2) 4 to 1 odds at to begin with.
(3) 13.5 to 1 odds after first test -- Send the fearful back.
     Not everybody has to be involved in everything.
(5) 450 to 1 odds after this test.
     God wins the victory, you just come along.
     Gideon was willing because he knew that God is trustworthy.

Judges Eight:
Gideon is dealing with Israel's problems
     The problem within is difficult to deal with.
(1) Ephraim: wants to be victorious and a hero (They want glory)
     Gideon gives a soft answer...
(5) Succoth: Faith in God to start, but not to finish the work.
     Gideon gets harsh with them.
     (8) Peniel has the same problem as Succoth.
     (16) Gideon ends up "instructing" them
(22) Israel: Most dangerous -- trust in a man
     The flesh always wants credit
     We are at best a channel for God's glory to come through.
(24-27) The Ephod -- Who wore ephods?
     Priests, prophets & kings.
     Weight of this ephod = 50-70 lbs of GOLD.
          Way too heavy for man, it was a memorial for God omnipotence.
Conclusion: God must get the victory, we must be willing to be placed in a position to be used -- and He will use you.
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