Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Matthew 10

     > Jesus
     > 12 Disciples named
     "_" Micah
Towns and villages of Capernaum
Dealing with the Zealots and Essenes

(1) Authority comes >>from>> God >>through>> the disciples >>to>> do the work

(7) Why are they not to preach repentance?
[Andrew: The people don't need to?]
[Joe: They are lost sheep.]

(19) Words come >>from>> God >>through>> the disciples >>to>> the hearers

(17-31) What opposition did Jesus get so far?
     Remember that these are the popular years

(34) Peace on earth, Jesus is peace.
     Don't believe Jesus, don't get peace.

(35-39) Word play shows that Jesus is the greatest.

(40) Glory goes >>through>> us and is >>delivered to>> God

(41-42) Negative thing are noticed
(26-32) Positive things are noticed
     All things are noticed & God reacts accordingly
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