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Brower: Judges 6 - Gideon

Lessons of Chapter 6
From a coaching standpoint, there are two main goals:
     1. Learn they can win (mental)
     2. Learn the fundamentals to win (equipped)
          When the two come together, you can have victory.

Judges 7:1 "Then"
     Chapter six had to come before the victory comes into place.

(1-10) Background
     (1-2) People in the land were living like beat-down, scared animals.
          When the people of God do not live by God's principles, they live like this.
     (3-6) The land was beaten down and empoverished.
     (7-10) God's message: It is your fault
          Partial obedience = the downfall of God's people
          Step one is to acknowledge it's your problem.

(11-23) Lesson 1: You need a new focus.
     God says: Look at me, not your situation.
     Surrender all for the Lord to consume.
     (11) Was he afraid? Perhaps he was smart. He definitely worked hard. He was also responsible.
     (19) A kid cost a lot of $. It was a real sacrifice.
"Until you are willing to offer everything to God, you will not experience all God has for you."

(25-28) Lesson 2: Actively replace your old altars with God's
     1. Tear down (25)
     2. Raise up (28)
     (27) By night = Intelligence.
     (31) Battle between the gods...
          NOTE: There is no need to defend God, just let Him do His thing.
     Formula for a good leader:
          1. Surrender and have peace with God
          2. Align your life with God's will

(30-40) Lesson 3: Need assurance from God
A question about blessing.
     Manna as dew = blessing
     Fleece: Land & animals.
          Gideon sought blessing on both the people and the land.

Are you willing to take these steps?
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