Thursday, January 20, 2011

Matthew 13

> Jesus (1)
> Multitudes (2)
> Disciples (10)
"_" Isaiah (14)
[M] Devil (19)
"_" Psalms (35)
< Multitudes (36)
Jesus and Disciples Go to Nazareth (53-54)
> Crowd at Synagogue (54)

(1) "Same day" = by the sea
     Train of thought: looking for signs, unbelief, redefinition of family
     By the Sea
          Shore (2)

(36) Into the house

(54) His own country -- Nazareth


Parables: Moral tale to show one major point.
Allegory: A narrative in which every element represents a greater truth. (e.g. Pilgrim's Progress)
     Jesus used parables in His ministry. 2 main forms: Comparative & Contrasting
     He used 8 in this chapter (All had positive thrusts "do this;" 3 contained negative messages also "don't do")

(1-23) Soils (+ & -)
     Jesus explained it in (18-23)
     Where do you want to be?
     How many places does He present? 4.
           There's a 1 in 4 chance of having the right heart.

(24-30) Wheat & Tares (+ & -)
     Jesus explains (38-43)
     Where do you want to be? Barn.
          Only 2 choices. No other way to go.

(31-35) Mustard Seed / Leaven (+)
     These parables are all about association
     The Kingdom of Heaven gets bigger
     The Kingdom is a great thing and you want to be associated with it now, so you'll be there when it bursts forth.

Previously, Jesus' parables were told to the multitudes. The multitudes were non-committed people. From here on out, Jesus talks to His committed followers, the Disciples. Notice the change in tone and message.

(44-45) Hidden Treasure / Pearl (+)
     Sell out for heaven

(47-51) Dragnet (+& -)
     Separation -- Be His
     Where do you want to be? With the just.

Householder (+)
     The Old Testament as seen in light of Jesus
           The old and new.

In Nazareth (54-56)
     Jesus is rejected
          The people become a living illustration of the wicked.
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