Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Matthew 11

     Jesus (1)
     > Disciples (1)
     [M] John the Baptist (2)
     > John's disciples (2)
     > Multitudes (7)
     "_" Malachi (10)
     [M] They (18)

Just sent His disciples out = Ministry squared
     There is an explosion of Jesus' influence.
     Jesus confirms John's message.
Jesus' popularity soars though He still preaches a tough message.

(2-14) John seeks confirmation of Jesus
     Jesus says: Look at my fruit.
     Remember Isaiah's prophecy.
     Jesus proceeds to confirm John (reversal)
          John honestly sought truth; God blesses that.

(16-19) Woe to individuals
     (16) BUT: People who seek excuse for doubt.
          Doubts should never begin as conclusions.
     (19) Look at their fruit.

(20-24) Woe to entire cities
     (20) THEN: It's a continuation in the same vein...
     No repentance in spite of all they had seen and heard.
     Jesus was popular, but not believed on.
          The people enjoyed the fruit.
[Andrew likened the people to binge eaters, who eat and barf immediately.]

(25-30) Peace on the Earth
     (25) Jesus answered.. what was the question?
     How do we handle doubt? Look to Him.
          Don't look around Him.
          Don't look below Him.
          Don't look at all the stuff.
     Between verses 29 & 30 He makes 7 references to Himself.
     Christ's yoke is light & burden is easy.
          True peace = Christ.
[Joe wonders at the greatness of the Lord--He knows their actions but still pursues.]
          Don't look at all the stuff.
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