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Matthew 12 / "Take Your Time"

   > Jesus (1)
   > 12 Disciples (1)
   > Pharisees (2)
   [R] David (3)
   > Paralytic (10)
   > Multitudes (15)
   "_" Isaiah (17)
   [R] Beelzebub (24)
   [R] Holy Spirit (28)
   [R] Jonah (39)
   [R] Sheba (42)
   > Mother and Brothers (46)

(1-8) Grain fields
(9-14) "their" synagogue
     An invention dating back to the 3rd Century in Egypt.
     Wherever 10 Jewish men were gathered in a region, one was instituted.
     Only one mention of a synagogue in the Psalms in OT.
(15-50) "Withdrew from there"


(1-13) About the Sabbath
     What is the purpose of Sabbath Holiness? To honor God in all things!
     There is no intrinsic morality attached to the Sabbath (As compared to lying, murder...)
          The only reason the Sabbath was to be holy is because God said so (a good enough reason).
     Jesus honored God in the sabbath more by doing good that the Pharisees did by doing nothing.
     The Illustration of David (1 Samuel 21:5)
          David was a Godly man who honored God. God looks at the heart.
          The men lead holy lives and bread is, in essence, common.
          The parallel is clear: the Sabbath is just another day, holy people doing holy deeds make it holy.
      Jesus uses the illustration of the sheep in order to point out the hypocrisy and motivation of greed inherent in people.
          How much more important are people than animals?
     The sabbath is not a front for holiness, it should not be an excuse for selfishness.

(15) Jesus is non-confrontational.
     Jesus, in Godly fashion, does not push Himself on unbelieving people.
     Isaiah's prophecy and Jesus' actions serve to contrast the Pharisee's reaction.
     This approach goes back to the Garden of Eden.

(23) David is again brought up, this time by the people about Jesus.
     The Pharisees are forced to refute it; they have been rejecting Him, how could they call Him the Messiah?
     They refute it from the top of their heads with a rash accusation.
     Didn't think it through: Spoke idly & blindly, Shooting from the hip...
     Unguarded words reveal the heart -- Theirs was hardened.
     (22-27) The Unpardonable Sin.
          Can it be committed today?
          One can harden and fool themselves to their death.
          If the Spirit tries to save and you reject Him, how can you expect salvation?
          Remember that time does not pass by, time is eternal. We are the ones who pass by. Take your time and use it for holiness.

(38-42) A Sign: Prove it (I dare you)
     Despite all the signs, they ask for more.
     Jonah (Death, Burial & Ressurrection) for the Jew
     Sheba (True wisdom) for the Gentile
          The repentant should not depend on signs

(43-45) Demons returning
     Reform on your own will bring other issues.
     Repentance with Christ is true.

(46-50) Family
     Primary focus = please God (holiness)
     Note: Jesus does not necessarily ignore His family.
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