Monday, January 3, 2011

Dr. Gary Cohen: Psalm 92

Psalm 92: A Thanksgiving Psalm
(1) Attitude of appreciation. We teach children this so they don't develop a sense of entitlement.
     It's sinful not to be thankful
(2) Lovingkindness & Faithfulness
     Lovingkindness: Bestow blessings on others
     Faithfulness: Constant, not moody
(4-5) Works of God & Thoughts of God
     Works of God are seen in creation.
     The thoughts of God are love to us. Thoughts = God's plan.
"The Chemistry of the intestines is just so complex that when you read about it you just say, 'Oh God, I praise you for your mighty works!'"
(7) God is Eternal & The Wicked are Temporary
     In a sinful world evil flourishes, but they won't last.
     God will outlast & undo all evil.
     Though, this says nothing about easing current pains.
          > Always remember that God is above the earth's system.
(10-11) Blessing on Ourselves & Judgement on the Wicked
     The believer is lifted up.
     Anointed = bathing in the ancient world. It symbolized a new beginning.
     For personal tormentors there is judgement and deliverance.
(12-13) God's blessings & Eternity with God
     The trees are symbolic of God's blessing. The fact that they are planted speaks of permanence.
     To be with God forever is eternal life. That is the best place to be planted.
(15) God's Faithfulness & No Unrighteousness
     Rocks (like Gibraltar) are steady.
     God is holy -- Morally Upright. His promises are dependable forever.
          > He is angry with sin, demands justice and, in mercy, provides a substitution.
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