Monday, January 3, 2011

Andy Fritchey - Jonah

Summary of Jonah
Word of the Lord
Wickedness of Ninevah
Weather & Waves
Word of Jonah
Works of Ninevah

Ninevah, Capital of Assyria = Violent city
     Heinous brutality
     Nimrod "we will rebel" founded Ninevah
     Nahum brings final judgment to Ninevah, it serves as a sequel to the book of Jonah.

Jonah is the focus, his obedience to God
     Or his lack of obedience
     Jonah's decision making is poor.
          > God still wants to use us

(1:2) "Arise and go"
(1:3) "Down" (1:5) "Lay" (1:15) "Sea"
      Jonah keeps going down
      Hosea: Arise--He went
      Acts 8:26: Arise & go - Arise & went
      Acts 9:11: Arise & go - Lingered
      Gen 19:15: Rise - Not so Lord
           > Good word study

How does Jonah display faith?
      Jonah's Prayer (2:1-9)
      Given his circumstances, he found the faith to pray to God
      Rests in God's grace: Rom. 5:20
      Jonah quotes the Psalms (Ps. 139:7 = comfort)
Faith in restoration
Prayer brings Jonah to where God wants him to be
(2:9) God is the owner of salvation & bestows it on whom he will.
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