Thursday, January 6, 2011

Calvin Fritchey - Luke 1:67-2:20

Luke 1:67-2:20
(Luke 17:3-5) Our faith can be increased by the Christmas story. It is good for us.

On the Shepherds - Faith in the Gospel
When angels appear, it can be a scary thing.
(9) They were scared. But they had faith in the gospel.
(10) The gospel is for all people.
     It doesn't matter where we're from.
What kind of people? People who are in darkness, which is everyone.
     (John 3:19) Affections of people are for darkness.
     (1 Peter 2:19) Called out of darkness & brought into light.
     (Romans 11:32) Add ourselves to the list of people in need.. so we can understand the richness of our salvation.
"I love the light, because when I walk in darkness I break too much stuff."
"Someone loved me enough to tell me the good news of the Lord Jesus. Do I love others enough to share with them?"

On Travel - Faith in God's Provision
Mary & Joseph had to travel approximately 90 miles = a week's journey.
They have to up & leave twice.
     Walked to Egypt and back.
     Perhaps there were treacherous places where fear could take hold.
     What about food? Do they have loads to carry?
     What possessions could they take with them?
     Remember they traveled both pregnant and with a toddler.
Will I get up and go?
Will I use my resources for the Lord?

Faith's Results
(10) Great Joy to...
     The person who believes
     In heaven (Luke 15:7)
     Jesus (Luke 10:21)
Am I excited about the good news?
Do I believe He can produce great results?

"Let's pray for one another, that we would have boldness to share the good news."
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