Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Justice for Cecil the Lion - Christian Perspective

Justice for Whom?

Sometimes a big news article can serve as a reminder of spiritual things. Here's a thought shared on Facebook by a friend of mine.
There has been many internet postings for the illegal poaching of Cecil the "lion" & rightfully so...

But many have been wondering of why the other "Lion" poached has not created the same uprising & media demand for justice...

This "Lion" was in the protected area of the tribe of Judah...previously this "Lion" roamed on paths paved with gold far more than the 50k ‪#‎walterjames‬ paid & this "Lion" drank from the crystal sea & was so much sweeter than Cecil as this Lion was & is known to lay down beside lambs, its prey, & not harm them but protect them from poachers...

This Lion was lured away by one of the people who the Lion fed & trusted as a friend but this friend lured the Lion into a quiet & peaceful village known as the garden of gethsemane & there this unloyal poacher lured the Lion in & used a kiss as a laser beam to mark the Lion so the poachers for 30 pieces of silver could hunt the Lion & skin this Lion as a trophy kill...

There was & is no outrage for this Lion like there is for poor Cecil & this Lion was not mounted on a wall & no selfies were taken but they beat & tortured this Lion while still alive & then strung this Lion up on a Tree on Golgotha to hang for all to see & enjoy & then let the Lion hang till the Lion drew his last breath!

Plz like & share not for Cecil the lion but for the REAL LION who died for the likes of me & you!!!

Sorry Cecil you won't live again, but THIS LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH REIGNS & LIVES TODAY despite the cruelty shown to HIM & unlike Cecil HE never would attack you but rather chooses to SAVE you despite our cruelty to HIM!!!

Nick Sardina

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Names of God - Nathan Stone

The Book: The Names of God
Author: Nathan Stone

I was entrusted with a small library of books a few years back. I had planned to incorporate them into a chapel library, but that dream never came into fruition. Days turned to weeks, months and then years as these books became forgotten in a corner of my personal library. Upon moving to a different city, I rediscovered these books and resolved to either read them or give them away. I have given a lot of these books away. The Names of God is a book that I have heard a lot of people reference over the years, so I decided to give it a read.


This is a simple, straightforward read. It is quite informative and leads into worship quite nicely. My only critique is that, like a lot of books of the genre, it is very formulaic and tries to present the revelations of the names of God in a dispensational model. That's fine when it naturally fits, but at times it seemed forced. It suffices to say that God reveals himself to his people appropriately, rather than implying that God progressively reveals himself according to some over arching meta-narrative.

While Stone writes 12 chapters revealing 12 names of God, there appear to be actually 3 names of God and 12 variants of those names which expound on God's character. The names of God are:
    1. Elohim (The God of creation and power)
      1. El Shaddai (God Almighty - Covenantal God)
    2. Jehovah (The God who relates to his people - I AM)
      1. Jehovah-jireh (Provision)
      2. Jehovah-rophe (Healer)
      3. Jehovah-nissi (Banner)
      4. Jehovah-M'Kaddesh (Sanctification)
      5. Jehovah-shalom (Peace)
      6. Jehovah-tsidkenu (Righteousness)
      7. Jehovah-rohi (Shepherd)
      8. Jehovah-shammah (Is There)
    3. Adonai (Lord who is due reverence - He is master, we are servant.)
Note: this is not the order which the author presents this material. These are my own observations. I give this book 3.5 of 5 stars for readability and content. 


If you can get your hands on this book, please read it. It should enhance your understanding of certain passages of scripture. I will not look at a passage with LORD versus God or Lord the same way again. It really helps to have some knowledge of the meaning behind these names of God. 
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