Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Justice for Cecil the Lion - Christian Perspective

Justice for Whom?

Sometimes a big news article can serve as a reminder of spiritual things. Here's a thought shared on Facebook by a friend of mine.
There has been many internet postings for the illegal poaching of Cecil the "lion" & rightfully so...

But many have been wondering of why the other "Lion" poached has not created the same uprising & media demand for justice...

This "Lion" was in the protected area of the tribe of Judah...previously this "Lion" roamed on paths paved with gold far more than the 50k ‪#‎walterjames‬ paid & this "Lion" drank from the crystal sea & was so much sweeter than Cecil as this Lion was & is known to lay down beside lambs, its prey, & not harm them but protect them from poachers...

This Lion was lured away by one of the people who the Lion fed & trusted as a friend but this friend lured the Lion into a quiet & peaceful village known as the garden of gethsemane & there this unloyal poacher lured the Lion in & used a kiss as a laser beam to mark the Lion so the poachers for 30 pieces of silver could hunt the Lion & skin this Lion as a trophy kill...

There was & is no outrage for this Lion like there is for poor Cecil & this Lion was not mounted on a wall & no selfies were taken but they beat & tortured this Lion while still alive & then strung this Lion up on a Tree on Golgotha to hang for all to see & enjoy & then let the Lion hang till the Lion drew his last breath!

Plz like & share not for Cecil the lion but for the REAL LION who died for the likes of me & you!!!

Sorry Cecil you won't live again, but THIS LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH REIGNS & LIVES TODAY despite the cruelty shown to HIM & unlike Cecil HE never would attack you but rather chooses to SAVE you despite our cruelty to HIM!!!

Nick Sardina
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