Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Matthew 8: Repentant Faith

> Jesus
> Great Multitudes
> Leper
> Centurion
>Peter's Mother in Law
> Many demon possessed
"_" Isaiah
> Scribe
> Disciple(s)
> Demoniacs
> Demons
> Whole city

1. Down the mountain (1-4)
2.Capernaum (5-17)
   > Peter's house (14-17)
3. Sea of Galilee (18-27)
4. Gadarenes (28-34)

Analysis: 6 events of Faith
1) Leper: Faith realizes God's power & sovereignty.
   > Faith makes confession.
2) Centurion: Faith recognizes that God's Word is final.
   > Faith is credulous.
[Andrew commented on the irony of the Romans believing Christ when they would nail him to a cross later.]
3) Mother in Law: Faith resigns itself to God.
   > Faith makes concession.
4) Disciples: Faith renounces whatever potentially holds it back.
   > Faith is conscious.
5) Stormy Sea: Faith rests in God's plan, even when resolution is not clear.
   > Faith is comfortable.
[Joe noted that earlier in the chapter great faith is mentioned, now it's juxtaposed with little faith.]
6) Demoniacs: Faith remains faithful even without support.
   > Faith is consistent.

3 types of people that are presented
2 Jews
   Leper is positive
   Mother in Law is neutral/positive
2 Gentiles
   Centurion is positive
   City of Gergesenes is negative
2 Disciples
   Questioning is negative
   In the storm is negative

Conclusion: "Note that we do not talk about Faith acting on it's own, this is Faith reacting to Christ's real presence."
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