Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1 Thessalonians 5 Thomas Wheeler

About the tribulation.

  Chapter 1:10. Wait for Jesus.

  Dan iel 9:24-27. Tribulation is for the Jews.

     7 years & trouble at the half way point.

Chapter 4

  (1-8) faith

  (9-12) love

  (13-end  hope

Chapter 5

  Verses 12-16 = 7 public commands

     Love for workers & elders

          Respect authority

          Go out of your way to keep them informed.

     Be at peace with each other.

     Don't be unruly.

     Comfort each other

     Upholds the weak

     Don't render evil for evil

          Catch evil impulses, judge and put them away.

Verses 17-22= 7 personal commands


  Pray: goes against our sinful nature.

  Give thanks in everything.

  Yield to the Spirit

  Don't despise prophets

  Hold to good

  Abstain from evil
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