Friday, April 30, 2010

1 Thessalonians 5

1 thess 5 - Passage Lookup - New American Standard Bible -

Paul opens this portion with a warning. The Lord's return will come suddenly. The Lord's return will catch many people off guard. Note that Paul does not claim that this passage is an end-all explanation of what will occur in the end times. This is simply a glimpse into the future, and an exhortation to remain faithful.

Notice the Gothic Dualism in Paul's exhortation as he contrasts the light and darkness, the day and night, the  awake and the sleeping. Obviously, one state is at an advantage over the other. The one in the light can see better than the one in the darkness. The one in the day is more aware of his surroundings that the one in the night. The one who is awake is conscious, the one who is asleep is unaware. Paul encourages the believers, saying that they have the advantage over their oppressors. One day, everything will be turned around. We will win in the end. They will be caught and their foolishness will be exposed for all to see.

But what are those things that we should be doing as awakened people who enjoy daylight? Paul closes the epistle with those instructions exactly. He says we should appreciate those who labor over us (12)--Church leadership. Appreciate them for their diligence and instruction. Look out for each other (14) and try to deliver what they need. Always find a way to do good (15) regardless of the situation you are in. There are three things we should always do: rejoice, pray and give thanks (16-18) because God wants us to. Be sensitive to the Spirit's continual leading (19-22). Don't ever be downcast, because God is working in you to improve you (23-24) and He will always succeed in the end.

That's the most encouraging word a believer will ever hear.
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