Sunday, August 29, 2010

1 Timothy 1

This passage beautifully lays out Timothy's mission. From verses 1-7 we glean Timothy's comission from Paul, verses 8-11 describes man's nature even within the Church, verses 12-17 remind's us of God's work in this world, and verses 18-20 encourages us that God's grace is much greater than all our sin.

Verses 1-7. We learn from these verses that Timthy was comissioned by Paul to stay in Ephesus. Paul did not just tell him to stay and vacation in Asia Minor, he had work to do. Timothy was told to ensure that the Word of God went out, unpolluted by sinful men. Note that he was given the measuring stick for profitable discussion--love. Love as defined by 1) purity, 2) good concience and 3) faith. Purity is for the present, conscience for the past and faith for the future. Paul warned against malicious false prophets--people who know better and still teach their own agenda. Note, people can be sincere and sincerely wrong, but if they do not respond positively to instruction, they should be disciplined.

Note, this passage also validates the idea of commission. I.e., one can be given a job by a Church leader and should strive to accomplish this goal as God's servant. Paul took a calculated risk by placing the Church at Ephesus in Timothy's care. But it was a wise decision because Paul had invested a lot in him and ended up getting great return.

Verses 8-11. Here Paul goes into man's nature. We are all depraved and in need of the law. The law shows us a reflection of who we are. Since the law is true, we know that our estate is helpless indeed. No wonder we need god shepherds to guide us. No wonder we need one who is in touch with the Great Shepherd.

Verses 12-17. Lest we think all hope is gone and be discouraged, Paul reminds us of God's grace and mysterious ways. Of course, the greatest example of this is Paul himself. Sometimes leaders get discouraged when all they do is discipline and weed out people who stubbornly continue in their ways. Paul was stubborn in his day. But God had other plans. God took him and transformed him to something useful. Be encouraged.

Verses 18-20. Yet more encouragement is offered to Timothy. Not only is God in the business of making realities out of the impossible, but he supplies power to endure. God is faithful to us always. If we were to respond to Him in the slightest way, he can stretch our proverbial mustard seed into mountains of power. But sometimes we do not respond, that's when we end up shipwrecked. Loved by God, but still with a life in ruins. Either way, God is faithful. God's plan is for our good and in making good out of depraved man, He is glorified.
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