Saturday, August 6, 2011

Romans Read Through

I just completed a read-through for Romans and ended up asking myself, "Chris, why don't you do this more often?" My answer, "I donno..." Drools on self. Embarrassment. It's a great thing that God is forgiving and welcoming of every minute attempt we make to try and cultivate a relationship with Him.

A read-through is my own term (coin! Probably not) for the process of reading an entire book of scripture and only bothering to think about key words. Key words are usually indicated by repetition. Take note of those words, and you'll probably get a good idea of what the writer is trying to say.

I read Romans with a colored pencil and noticed the following groupings. These may turn out to consume my studies for the next few weeks! (BTW, I was reading the TNIV)

  • Gospel: 1
  • Judgement: 2.1-ch 3.20
  • Righteous/Justify: 3.21-ch 4
  • Reconcile: 5
  • Unity: 6-ch 7.6
  • Command: 7.7-ch 8.17
  • Creation: 8.18-39
  • Mercy: 9.1-29
  • Zeal: 9.30-ch 12
  • Authority: 13-ch 15.13
  • (Closing: 15.14-ch 16)
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