Thursday, January 19, 2012

Learning to Grow Up. Reblog.

 This is a reblog from my wife. It is an exceptional look at the godly influences in her life through the assembly. Sometimes we take way too much for granted.

Learning to Grow Up.: 01/15

If you've ever been to my home assembly in Miami, Florida you have probably noticed a section of Jewels. In the back right side of our assembly is a section of beautiful women. These women are true examples of what it means to be a pillar in the church.

A few years ago, I had the privilidge of studying 1st Timothy with one of of Elders wives. Of course, it was incredibly encouraging because we studied it with the middle school / 9th graders. The biggest take away from the study was the need to pursue godliness above all else. To dedicate our lives to seeking Christ.

I am blessed to have such Godly women in my life. The back right corner of my home assembly I have the opportunity to rub shoulders with women who ooze godliness with each smile, each kiss on the cheak and each "How ya doin' Honey"

In December one of the women in our assembly was taken to be with her savior. Through her death I was reminded once again of the call to pursue godlibess. Have you ever tasted the Love of Christ in a cup of coffee? Have you ever thought that you could be diligent in service for as much as 55 years? Yes, I have tasted love from a cup of coffee and No, I don't know that I could be diligent in the same thing for more than few years. However, I was blessed to know and be encouraged by a very special lady who was diligent in her service to the Lord.

I guess my rambling is just a way for me to get my thoughts out. In the "old days" I would write short stories, journals, and write my thoughts on everything I could. It has been a way of release for me. So before I continue rambling, I should get to my point. ...

I recently blogged about my decision to withdraw from Graduate School. The life lesson there was that I needed to learn to to stop over doing it prioritize. Although I feel that I have over committed myself at times and I have felt at peace about the whole grad school thing. ... I can't help but miss it (just the idea, not the stress and work).

My most recent lesson learned was the importance of godliness, and to be diligent in the small tasks.

So, to the 3 folows of my blog. ... Be diligent in all things.


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