Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to Avoid Idiocy

Some People are too predictable

A good friend presented a message to the youth group on Friday night. I don't usually use the #BTSermon for the Friday night meetings, but this quote was just too good. It's a challenge, really. Like a mirror shows you how gross it is when you pucker your lips, this quote allows you to identify what your reaction to Biblical directives really indicate. You have three choices & they are:

Make Your Choice


Are you indifferent to what you read in the Bible? Do you think it's a bunch of baloney? Hopefully you're right, because if not, you're in for a world of hurt. Actually, scripture says you're in for an eternity's worth of hurt. Maybe you fabricate some fault or try to find the world's worst Christian to be your straw-man, that's cool, but you're still trying to make a mockery of scripture & that kind of behavior is not smiled upon by the Almighty.


So you think that all this Jesus stuff is great & you'd like to try it some day. Awesome. The mirror shows that you're an idiot. Don't you know that this world is a crazy place where crazy crap happens all the time? You have no guarantee that you will live another 30 minutes. Love your family while you have them. What's even more important than family? How 'bout your own spiritual life? That should rank fairly high. Don't wait.


If you are honest with the message of scripture you will understand the urgency of the message. When you understand the urgency of the message, you will believe right on the spot & let the Spirit make His changes. Be a committed follower of the Lord Jesus. Let Him make the moral decisions. Notice that this is the only positive choice to make, all the other decisions are dangerous. Safety is found in Christ.


 Where do you fall in this discussion? What do you see in your reaction to the scripture, or your reaction when someone talks about Jesus or your reaction to this blog post? Maybe some things need to change. Or maybe you need to read a little more. Here's a few places to start:

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