Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thorn of Humanity III: Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon

An element from our discussion in Sunday School which I did not touch on in my previous post has to do with the Rose of Sharon, found in Song of Solomon 2.1-2:

am the rose of Sharon,And the lily of the valleys.Like a lily among thorns,So is my love among the daughters.-- NKJV

By Any Other Name

Consider the rose. The flower's beauty is unparalleled. The thorny stem will tear your flesh. In mathematical terms this reality would be described as R=F+T where: R=Rose, F=Flower & T=Thorn.

But what does this mean? The Beloved is describe as the Rose of Sharon. Considering that this description may be applicable to Christ, we can replace R with Christ. The flower (F), which its pure beauty & sweet, can be considered in divine terms. The thorn (T), as noted in earlier posts, refers to the effects of sin (the curse, specifically)--which is the human condition. Therefore, the Rose of Sharon Equation when applied to Christ looks like: C=D+H where: C=Christ, D=Divinity & H=Humanity.

Granted, this is only a WAY to look at this reality. Christ was not Divinity + Humanity. He was totally Divine while acquiring total Humanity. The Rose of Sharon is an elaborate metaphor to describe the real nature of Christ.

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