Thursday, October 18, 2012

Road to Heaven 2

Many Roads Lead to Heaven

Yesterday I began a discussion on the Christian Experience of conversion. I noted that there are many forms (many roads) but several key aspects (landmarks) that must be present for conversion to take place. I understand that the title of this mini-series was scandalous--that was calculated. Hopefully this caused someone to consider these topics in a new way.

The landmarks we covered in the previous post were as follows:
  1.  Realize you are broken (sin)
  2. Realize you are the problem (it's not someone else' fault)
  3. Realize you are headed for disaster (death)
  4. Realize you need outside help (you can't go alone 
And now we conclude the journey.


5. Realize the perfect substitute has been delivered (Jesus)

We went through 4 whole landmarks on our own, & that has gotten us nothing but depression. But enter Jesus--God's perfect substitute--& suddenly the narrative changes. We have that strong swimmer to save us from drowning. We have that medical professional to rescue us from our cardiac arrest. We have a perfect God who conquered death for us.

6. Realize that faith in Jesus serves to transfer your experience to His cross (believe)

We have been talking a lot about personal experiences, both good and bad. Know that there is nothing you do that is too ugly for God to beautify. Know that every experience can be transferred to the cross. Know that His righteousness will be transferred to you.

7. Realize your GPS is new (you're under new management)

This is the final landmark, & it serves as the gates to your destination. This final step should be a natural process from the previous steps. Scripture refers to it as bearing fruit. Now that Christ's righteousness has been transferred to us, we should lead lives that are pleasing to Him. He has fixed us, so we should not do the same broken things we couldn't help but do before. We have a new positioning system with greater points of interest. We should live it out in our own setting & live the best life we can until we are perfected in glory.
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