Friday, December 21, 2012

Luther, Lewis & My Sunday School Teacher

How do you invite the Lord as a co builder of your family? Start with searching the scriptures for his design for holy matrimony. God's will for marriage is ignored and trashed today, with devastating consequences for all of society. Commit yourself to God's design. Trust and wait for God's blessings. Let your home be a place where God's Word is heard, where prayer and singing abound, and where the peace of Christ rules. Treat your spouse the way God treats you, with patience, humility, and forgiveness. Love your family the way God loves you.

My Sunday School Teacher

That's what I said!!

Yesterday's post (which coincided with my wedding anniversary) tried to convey these same sentiments. Marriage, at it's most basic level, is about honor & respect. Men & women are called to submit to each other in this ordinance. How do we defend marriage? Practice good marriage.

What's that you ask? What about love? Love grows. I could say it no better than the immortal C. S. Lewis, so I leave you with this quote:

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