Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hot & Bothered

It's this kind of thing that makes me mad.

Take my temp, 'cuz I am HOT

Oh yes. I am hot. I've been hot for several days. If you follow me on any social network, you may have seen my posts of rage at this situation. It is embarrassing for all Christians everywhere. It cannot be glossed over or rationalized any more.

Over the weekend an atrocity was committed & publicized. You can read about the Pastor who refused to tip on Mashable. Never mind the butchering of the Old Testament tithe found in Micah 3.10, she was just plain rude. It's one thing to reduce a standard 18% tip due to service deficiencies. But to write a note to the server explaining that there is no tip on her payment? And to invoke God as your reason? Wow.

Now let me tell you what's really bothering me

This has been a pet-peeve of mine for a while now. Where do we get off as Christians? How dare we worship the Lord, give a 10% tithe & listen to sermons then run out into the world & terrorize the restaurant industry?

The worst part about this story is the comment section beneath it. Go ahead, I dare you to read it. Comments like, I worked as a waitress and Sunday was the worst day of the week, dominate the board. Christians were the worst customers. Some key adjectives were rude, miserly & demanding. This saddens me. It's a poor testimony--especially since all this behavior goes on after we say grace.

I've seen some reprehensible activity around the restaurant table. But I think the worst thing I've ever seen are those Million Dollar Bill Tracts. Now that's attractive. Instead of a tip, let's care for their souls. Let's tell them to be warm & filled & comforted but not give them any of the material things they need to survive. Does that sound biblical? It should, because it's a biblical example of what not to do. It is neither seasoned with grace nor influenced by love.

Let's be conscious of the way people perceive us. Fer them, that perception is reality.

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