Friday, December 20, 2013

5-Year Old Marriage

Something New

Today is my wife and my fifth anniversary! The fifth anniversary element is wood. Double entendres aside, it has been a great five years. I know the coming year is going to be completely different than anything else we have seen.

5-year-old children are typically gearing up for their first year at school. I would hope that my marriage is past the kindergarten stage, but I definitely expect to learn and grow deeper in love.

Beware, Crappy Sappy Poetry Ahead

Here's a little something I wrote a while ago. It's pretty crappy and pretty sappy. Enjoy! Or don't.
My eyes are dazed
By your loving gaze.
All of my ways
'Till the end of all days
Are coated by a glaze
Applied by a half-crazed
Man in a daze.
On the day that I raze
    All of the glaze
        From my gaze
You'll realize that I love you
To the last of all my days.

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