Friday, September 10, 2010

1 Timothy 4

1 timothy 4 - Passage Lookup - New American Standard Bible -

Verses 1-5. Here Paul continues his previous argument regarding prayer. In fact, this is the best reference we have to the practice of saying grace before eating our meals. By giving thanks to God for the food we eat, we bring a few things to the forefront of our remembrance. 1) Our dependence on God almighty. By saying grace, we acknowledge that God provides all good things to us. We check our pride and further develop our faith in Christ. 2) As a direct result, we are driven to gratefulness. We thank God for something simple like a meal, but overall we know that all good things come from Him, including our salvation. 3) Knowing that we are saved by Him, we know that we are not saved to live as we choose, but we should be His instruments. As we try to follow Him we will avoid falling away from the faith and into our own agendas. May God help us as we live for Him.

Verses 6-11. Now Paul tackles the discipline needed by the believer. This is a natural progression, as prayer itself is an exercise in discipline. We must constantly consider what it is we believe and why. In this way we sharpen ourselves. Verse 10 gives us our reason: because we see our hope in God (to be like Him, read: Godliness) and strive to achieve this goal.

Verses 12-16. Now Paul gives a few practical tips for leaders. Namely, 1) make sure the scripture is read, 2) exhort the believers, 3) teach the believers and 4) use your spiritual gift effectively. Note that it all starts with the reading of God's Word--but it does not end there. Too many times we feel that God's Word stands alone. That the reading of God's Word is all that is needed. While I would never argue against the effectiveness of God's Word, I would argue that God's Word is always accompanied by an instrument of God's choosing, namely, the teacher. The teacher, as Timothy is instructed, exhorts, teaches and brings his spiritual talents to the table. Using this combination, God's Word is effectively used.

God desires to use man to further His message. That is incredible!
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