Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Samuel the Prophet

Consider this:

Samuel was a witness to the departure of the glory of God at the hands of the High Priest's sons. He had no role models. The High Priest was weak and did not know the voice of the Lord. His peers were corrupt and used the things of God for their own advantage.

In light of Samuel's life, let us consider our own positions in Christ. We at Bible Truth Chapel, my home assembly, looked back on 100 years of ministry in the city of Miami, Fl. this past weekend. We have had many, many godly influences in the past.  Looking around this evening, I realized that we have many, many godly men of God in our lives today.

Further, note that Samuel remained faithful despite not having a visible symbol of God's glory. In the physical sense, Samuel and us are quite similar. We have no visible symbol of God's glory. However, when we consider this further we find that we have the advantage in this area as well, in the Holy Spirit. Remember Christ prayed that we believers be glorified with the same glory Christ possesses. We have the glory of God indwelling us.

Let us be faithful to our Lord with all that He has given us.
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