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Closure: Matthew 3


> John (the baptist)
          Greatest prophet
          Related to Christ
          Knew the past (Word of God)
          Prophesied in his dress & diet
          Provided new prophesy
"_" Isaiah (the prophet)
> Crowds
> Pharisees
> Sadducees
(R) (Father) Abraham
(R) One (Jesus Christ)
(R) Holy Spirit
> Jesus
> Spirit of God (Dove)
))) God (Voice only)


     Wildernes of Judea
          20 mile stretch from the Jerusalem-Bethlehem Plateau to the Dead Sea
          This is the Area of the Qumran Community, producers of the Dead Sea Scrolls
          It can be inferred from the locale that in addition to Pharisees and Sadducees, we also have the Essenes involved in the Spiritual landscape of this chapter.
     Jerusalem, all Judea, Region around Jordan (locals gathered around)
     The Jordan River
     Galilee --> Jordan
          Galilee is far North. Nazareth is in Galilee (Jesus of Nazareth fulfills prophecy)

"In those days..." When?
     Approx. 30 years after chapters 1&2
     How do we know?
          John the Baptist is Jesus' cousin
          Jesus is grown and beginning his ministry


1. Verses 1-6. John & the Crowd
     John was an authority
           He had the word of God
           He had confidence in the word of God
           He was not ashamed of his clothing, diet... anything
     Why Baptism?
           Important symbol for the Jews: ritual purifications. They had personal baptismal baths (Mikvet) in their homes which both men and women used.
           All gospels start with this symbol -- Synoptics show it as happening, John presents it as a memoir.

2. Verses 7-12. John & Religion. BUT
     The message changes -- not his authority
            God's word stands firm
      The (P.) and (S.) should have known God's Word better -- Vs. 8
             Let God affect your life = bearing fruit
      Spirit & Fire
              Christ gives his Spirit to those who believe
              Reject his Spirit, all you can get is his fire. Christ's judgement is likened to a flame of fire. See that the passage goes on to describe judgement.
[[Joe mentioned that in Revelation, Christ's judgement is so intense that the people cry out for rocks to crush them in order to avoid facing it. But there is no escape for the unjust.]]
[[Andrew pointed out that the (S.) denied the Spiritual realm, effectively placing them at odds with Christ.]]

3. Verses 13-17. John & Jesus
     This is the only time John backs down in humility.
          Our knowledge and intimacy with Christ should lead to humility
     Why was Jesus baptized?
           Not for his sin/repentance
[[Andrew suggested that Christ's baptism was an expression of humility.]]
           3 suggestions: (1) Christ was associating with repentant Israel, proving it was a good thing, (2) He was confirming John's ministry & (3) Jesus was fulfilling His Father's will.
     Jesus's first words in Matthew are in verse 15 = Fulfillment
           Jesus receives confirmation in the form of His Father's pleasure. This is direct fulfillment of Psalm 2:7
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