Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Proverbs 13 - Calvin Fritchey

Verse 1: Wise Son = Listen to Dad
> Receive your Father's teaching and get a full, long, peaceful life.
> If a son thinks they know everything, they may reject their (F) teaching.
> Don't despise your (F) teaching or rebuke--it's for your good.

Verse 12: Hope Deferred
> It is when someone promises you something, but you have to wait for it.
> Our hope is not something earthly. (Our hope is set in heaven)
> Our hope is the Lord Jesus & He does not disappoint.

Verse 24: Discipline, Do I Hate My Children?
> Here is means actual physical deterrent: Spanking
> Kids will learn, their foolishness will leave.

Verse 13: The World's Teachings Are Contrary to God
> Sometimes kids need to be made to do something.

My Conclusion
> W/ God's Word we can be wise children and good parents, making sure we call the right things good.
> Rest in the hope we have in Christ
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