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Closure: Matthew 4

> Jesus
> Spirit
(R) Devil
> The Tempter (devil)
< Devil
(R) God
"_" Moses
"_" David
> Angels
(R) John (the Baptist)
"_" Isaiah (the Prophet)
> Simon (Peter)
> Andrew (his brother)
> James (son of Zebedee)
> John (his brother)
> Zebedee
< Zebedee
> Multitudes

           Same area he was baptized in.
     Holy City
           Jerusalem. Herod's temple = Addition to God's plan & Unnatural (retaining walls).
     Exceeding High Mountain
           Cliffs of Jerico, presumably.
     Galilee = Region, like saying "South Florida"
     Nazareth --> Capernaum = towns, like "Pembroke Pines, Perrine" 
     (Zabulon / Naphthali) = Tribes of Israel, kinda like counties "Broward, Dade"
           Ancient trade route between the two was called "Way of the Sea"
     Sea of Galilee
           Capernaum was right on the sea. Served as Jesus' home-base.
           Traditionally, they stayed in Peter's house (Mt. 8:14)
     Galilee, Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea, Beyond Jordan
           Areas to the East, South, & Southeast.
           Underscores Jesus' popularity. Note that Samaria is not mentioned even though it is sandwiched between these regions. Displays the unpopularity of the Samarians (no contact with them). Also coordinates with John's gospel and the fact that Jesus was not famous there.

When? End of first year of ministry, beginning of the second.
     Yr 1 = Preparation (wilderness / Cana)
     Yr 2 = Popularity (Galilean Ministry)
     Yr 3 = Persecution (Jesus retires from public eye)
     Passion week = (Death, Entry, Resurrection)
          - Dr. Gary Cohen

At this point, Jesus is about to make a name for Himself.

First Things: Spiritual Warfare (1-11)
     Holy Spirit leads Him into temptation (he had no lust to lead him)
     Temptation itself is from the devil.
          He picks on our weaknesses (spiritual, physical, emotional, mental..)
     Making bread from stones
          There is nothing morally wrong with this. The only problem is a bad source.
[Jonathan states that our reliance is to be on God, not anything else.]
[Joe related this issue to one of dominance, where Satan was trying to dictate to Jesus what to do.]
     Pinnacle of the Temple--Jump!
          Quotation from Ps. 91:11-12: omitted a part that implies in ordinary ways.
          That portion of the temple was unplanned by God and supported by unnatural means. It is a picture of what Satan was trying to do: 1) make Jesus do something that was not according to His Father's will and 2) bring attention to himself in a superfluous way.
          The only test we can serve to God is in our tithe: Mal. 3:10
     Worship of Satan
          Absolutely contrary to everything that God had instituted.
          Satan is not dumb, though he is very delusional.
     God can supply our every need -- He chooses to supply Christ's need with Angels.
[Andrew pointed out the irony of the fact that if Christ followed Satan, He would have eaten bread, but by going through temptation, he received heavenly sustenance.]

The Galilean Ministry Begins (Rest of Chapter)
We have Jesus' first message recorded here: Verse 17
     Same as John the Baptist's message. Had they heard it before? NO.
     Jesus confirm's John's message. Repentance is the core of the gospel.
           It is a complete turn away from one thing, towards another.
           It's not: To believe Jesus came, A temporary show, A facade used in Church
           Repentance: This is your life, changed
Repentance: A microcosm (18-22)
     Jesus calls them, how many fishermen heard but did not respond?
     (20, 22) They left their nets (Profession), boat (Possessions) & Family (Paternal Relations)
          Follow Christ = He fills those roles.
Beginning of a Ministry (23-25)
     Christ's ministry is outlined here in 3 parts: Teaching, Preaching & Healing.
           Preach = to tell what  (you must repent)
           Teach = to show how  (how to repent)
     General healing in this passage, the message is what's important.
            Christ heals in order to remove roadblocks to repentance. For us to repent, a miracle must occur.
Good news, repentance is possible!
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