Thursday, July 7, 2011

Notes: Mike Atwood on Prayer

1 Timothy 4:7-8
1 Peter 4:7-11

Topic = Disciplines of the Christian Life
  • A way to avoid Church division
  • We need [discipline] in our life.
    • God does not put our life together on a silver platter.
(Timothy passage) Exercise = Gymnasium, where they practiced naked
  • We must work hard to train
  • We are striving for the greatest prize & we must be disciplined
    • Prayer requires the utmost discipline
(Peter pasage) 
  • "If you knew the Lord was coming back this week, what would you do differently? Then do it!"
  • "Action without spending time in prayer is futile. Action without intercession only brings frustration."
  • In light of current events, we need more devotion to prayer.
  • Jesus prayed and influenced his disciples as to what to pray...
    • Seek God's will
    • If Jesus saw the value in prayer, who are we to think we can manage without?
    • Am I disciplined? Do I have set times to pray?
Luke 18:1
  • Don't give up
  • It's indebted to us
  • Prayer is...
    • An expression of dependency on God.
    • Communication with God.
    • A plea for intervention.
  • Habits: Do it for 21 days and see if it sticks
    • Get into a good habit.
Colossians 2:1 - Conflict = Agony
  • How serious are you [when you pray]?
  • [Do we have] routines and ruts?
    • What do we pray for--ourselves?
  • There is a conflict in this world, and the battle is spiritual.
    • Hang on until He blesses
    • You may be crippled, then lean on Him
  • Pray with an open Bible
    • Remind God of His promises like: He does not was people to perish
James 4:2-3
  • Why we don't get what we want.
    • We are self-focused.
Prayers of the New Testament
  • Growth
  • To know God's will
  • To have [increased] love
    • About the Spiritual Life more than physical things
1 Timothy 2:1-8 - Corporate Prayer
  • Prayer meeting: Conduct in the House of God (verse 8)
    • Men: Gender specific.
      • Taking the lead.
    • No wrath: Deal with sin and issues before praying.
    • No doubting: Confidence in who He is.
The Power of Women's Prayer
  • Eli, the priest is an example...
    • His son's were evil
    • The men were spiritually inept
    • Hannah prays for Samuel, who meets the needs of a nation.
  • The Wesley brothers were raised by a praying mother.
  • Ladies prayed that D. L. Moody would experience God, he did & it re-energized his ministry.
  • We need to be more disciplined in personal & corporate prayer.
    • We need both New Testament principles & New Testament power.
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