Thursday, July 7, 2011

Simon George: The Gospel

1 Corinthians 1:17-18
"I pray that if someone came to hear me speak that they would be greatly disappointed. And if they cam clinging to the hope of hearing Your Word, that they would be satisfied."

On being 'saved'
  • If we were in peril, who would we elect to save?
    • Answer = Save the best
    • Gospel = Not for the best only, it is for all
  • Verse 29 is a conclusion - Nobody boasts
  • Vs 30-31: Do not boast in our abilities in the Lord. Take ourselves out.
1 Corinthians 2
  • Verse 1 - Paul is an example
  • What do you have that is not from God?
    • If nothing, then why are you boasting?
    • In the Lord, you see who you are.
  • The Gospel's power
    • The fact that people like us can be saved.
    • It should stop us cold and close our tongues.
  • The gospel is misunderstood because of pride, selfishness & boasting
    • 'being saved' Not just good for evangelization, it sanctifies.
Colossians 1:3-6
  • Vs 3 - Praying always = When I pray, I mention you.
    • Thanks for their faith
      • Relief & blessing / great gratitude
    • Love for the saints
      • Love is found in great actions of service & interest in lives
    • Hope laid in heaven
      • What we have to look forward to collectively, namely, blessing.
      • Hope = Christ, in you. This alone is worth being thankful for.
  • Vs 6 - Them, specifically
    • The world constantly bearing fruit
      • Just as is YOU
        • The saints / believers
        • Personally through you
  • Vs 9-11 - What does this fruit look like?
    • It's pretty delicious
    • Let's hold each other accountable.
Romans 1:8-15
The gospel is in the first chapter of the epistles = importance
  • The point of the gospel - Paul wants to meet the believers and preach the gospel -- it's still needed.
  • The gospel:
    • Humbles us
    • Causes us to grow
    • Should be shared among us
    • Should be reflexive
    • Should be encouraging
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