Friday, November 18, 2011

Quest for Admin Parking - Conclusion

Admin parking by CMJimenez
Admin parking, a photo by CMJimenez on Flickr.
This series of memoir-styled essays has focused on the Epistle written to Titus who was stationed on the island of Crete.

It my be assumed that the reference to "admin" is directly related to his position as a Church official in the primitive churches on Crete. While this is true of his situation, and the topics covered are important for Church officials, it is superficial at best to consider this collection in that light.

First of all, Church administration is not a quest. Those who are power-hungry enough to seek promotion in the Church are dangerous, and already have their reward.

It is best to consider admin parking as a place, a place that is reserved. We, as Christians, are given a position. This position is a destination that we are driving to. These elements (Faith, Grace, Soundness) are a place that God has reserved for us, and we are guaranteed to make it there!

Consider admin parking also for it's proximity. It's the closest parking spot to the party! You won't have to walk so far to get to the fun stuff (or the office). This spot that God has for us is close to Himself. In fact, it is back to his own image. We strive against ourselves to become like Him.

This is why these elements (doctrine, holiness, truth) are not single parts that are to be done. These are like threads in a garment, all working together to make the final product beautiful and useful.

The garment? We are to put on Godliness.
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