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Notes: Titus 3

Titus 3 by CMJimenez
Titus 3, a photo by CMJimenez on Flickr.
What are we doing? Good Works.
- "Good deeds" is found 7X in Titus (3 ch.)
- 6X in Matt. (28 ch.)
- 25X in Acts (28ch.)
- 15X in 1 Cor. (16 ch.)
- 3X in 2 Cor. (13 ch.)
- 10X in Heb. (13 ch.)
- 12X in James (5 ch.) >> Only epistle more saturated than Titus
- 6X in 2 Tim. (4 ch.) >> Next closest Pauline Epistle

1. Deeds can define you (1.15, 16)
- Definition of soundness = healthy
- If you are healthy, your fruit will be healthy
- Can it be faked?
- Has it been faked?
- Is someone faking right now?
- Be sure your sin will find you out (in this life or as seen by God)

2. Deeds show your dignity (2.6-8)
- When words and deeds match, the Christian is being who God wants.
- You know people cannot throw stones (hypocrisy avoided)

3. Deeds are your destiny (2.13-14)
Why were we redeemed?
- Purified = cleaned
1. Possession
2. Profession
- We are not redeemed to sit on the pew
- We are not to be the "frozen chosen"
- We are to affect the world and "turn it upside down"

4. Deeds are a disposition (3.1-2)
- Ready = prepared, always in season, ready to receive
- Oriented to people and ultimately to God, not the deeds themselves; the context bears this out.

5. Deeds depend upon regeneration (3.4-6)
- Works do not stand alone
- Regeneration is used 2X in the NT and refers to all things being made new (Matt. 19.28)
---> How the earth was changed after the flood, glory
- Renewing is used 2X in the NT and means renovation (Rom. 12.2)
---> Face lift for a fallen world
"The horse does not go before the cart." --YES, it does! Regeneration does not depend on works.

How is it that we are saved?
- Remember: the words used to describe it, are not it. We use human words and reasoning to explain a spiritual truth. All analogies break down. However, Christ bringing salvation has been seen as the following:

  • Receiving the penalty
  • Footing the bill
  • Standing the racket
  • Substitution (like the DH in baseball)
6. Deeds do not defer (3.8)
- Careful: only mention
- Means to engage, or set before (James 5.7 - the farmer)
- Think about how to make deeds a priority -- remember, it is your employment as a Christian.

7. Deeds meet needs by design (3.12-14)
1. Meet specific needs
2. See the fruits of labor
>> Purpose and intention
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