Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Life & (End) Times of the World

The Day of the Lord Cometh...

The Premise

Mike Attwood delivered three messages this week: Wednesday Night, Sunday Morning & Sunday Night. Due to Sunday School, I was only able to attend two of them. He spoke on the End Times with a focus on the Rapture. He provided hope to the assembly in the imminent return of the Lord.

The Quotes

The Life & Times of Jesus Christ
Like any good series on prophecy, Attwood began by affirming the accuracy of God's Word in predicting future events. Practically all that you need to know about Jesus can be found in the Old Testament, written hundreds of years before He was born! How's that for accuracy?

Fancy that! The Church lost the teaching on the Rapture & didn't rediscover it until the 1800s. Scripture definitely talks about being "Caught Up" together with Christ in a way that denotes a rapture-esque  experience.

Our Life & Times
Knowing that Christ is returning, we should strive to avoid being caught doing wrong. But more than being motivated by fear, we should be motivated by love. We have a Savior who loved us first, we should reciprocate His love to us by obeying Him in service.

Good gifts
A good God gives perfect gifts. If I ask Santa for a pony and wake up on Christmas morning to find a pony in the living room, would I not think it was the perfect gift? If we reject God, how can we expect Him to take us to be with Him forever? He will give us what we want. Draw near to Him, He will draw near to you. The converse is also valid.

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