Friday, May 25, 2012

There's the Beef

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The Bible

Exodus 23.1

You must not pass along false rumors. You must not cooperate with evil people by lying on the witness stand. -- NLT

An outcry

Yesterday, Pusha T & Exodus 23:1 was trending on twitter. Apparently this guy has beef with Drake or something and they are battling with their songs. Stupid, I know. It's explicit too, so I'd be careful about looking it up. If you're, you know, curious.

Where's the beef?

I don't know what the beef is about, but I do know what the verse is about--false witness in the context of social justice. I suppose Pusha T is accusing Drake (or Lil Wayne) of lying in a court of law in order to protect one of his boys or ganstas or something.

This is a very specific verse with grave implications. This is not just a simple lie about what you were doing last week. This is an explicit, intentional obstruction of justice. God is concerned with the oppressed & the ultimate vindication of the just. Why else would we be reminded that our sins would find us out? God does not find pleasure in evil, but works to bring about justice. 

Pusha T may want to expose Drake, but God truly brings the ultimate exposure.

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