Thursday, June 21, 2012

This Little Light Running Over Miami

The Premise

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Knowing God


My dad, Nelson Jimenez, was given the expansive topic of knowing God. Which could be boiled down to know the whole Bible. Or, more practically, understand some of the core principles of God's character. These principles are, in turn, the things that we should be imitating in our own lives.


The Quotes

Strive to Bring About Action

What's the point of knowing God if that knowledge doesn't bring about change in our life? The whole point of knowing God is to know how to behave in each situation we find ourselves in. We know God is love, so we should love. We know Him as the Prince of Peace, so we should be peacemakers. We know He is just, so we should strive for justice.

Holding it In


This section of the message reminded me of a song we sang in Sunday School:

This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine.
Let it shine, let it shine.
Let it shine.

Hide it under a bushel? No!
I'm gonna let it shine.
Let it shine, let it shine.
Let it shine.

Shine all over Miami
I'm gonna let it shine.
Let it shine, let it shine.
Let it shine.

God's word & His character should fill us up to the brim & begin running over...

Find Christ in What They Say


This is an important point. Some people say we should only rely on the Holy Spirit to whisper truth into our ear. The problem with that is the fact that the whole counsel of God has been given to us & the book is now closed. There are no new revelations. The Church has gone through 2,000 centuries of changing times, yet the truth remains as relevant today as ever. Heresies have come & gone. The Church today does not need to reinvent the wheel. We can read what people have already learned & find Christ in it. We don't need to remain illiterate & closed minded.

Granted, the Holy Spirit does guide us into all truth. He guides us into application of scripture. The interpretation is there, it all points to Christ. How is it relevant in your life? That's between you & God. I can't answer that question.

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