Friday, June 8, 2012

Nehemiah & Expounding

Passing the Faith Along

I delivered a message on How to Expound on God's Word on Wednesday night as a part of Bible Truth Chapel's continuing series entitled Passing the Faith Along. The message was recorded & should be up on in the coming weeks. I have published my notes on Google Docs to help ya'll follow along.

A Note on my Notes

During the talk, my mind went completely blank when it came to Typology & I couldn't understand my own notes. Here's what happened, you will find in my notes approx. where I messed up the following categories: Real, Personal & Legal. Let me explain in text format.

  • Real (events & objects) This refers to types that are things. Examples include:
      • Objects: Jerusalem as a picture of the Church or the brazen altar as picture of Christ's redemptive work
      • Events: Passover as a picture of Jesus' work on the Cross
  • Personal (people) This refers to types that are people. Examples include:
      • Joseph as a picture of Christ
      • Abraham & Isaac as pictures of The Father & The Son
  • Legal (mosaic law & ritual) This refers to types that are laws & Rituals. Examples include:
      • Laws: Tithe as picture of giving to the Lord spiritually
      • Ritual: Method of choosing the Passover lamb relating to Christ's perfection.

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