Monday, January 7, 2013

A Contrasting Perspective

Inspired by Matthew 27.11-36

Thoughts from the Lord's Supper

There's something beautiful about the kind of inspiration that comes from sitting silently through the Lord's Supper. The thoughts that come to your mind are influenced by the Holy Spirit, your own knowledge and the input from the believers throughout the meeting. I always leave the Lord's Supper with something, though it is rarely something large. But when it is, it is absolutely profound.

Scriptural Contrasts

My mind went to the obvious contrasts between the scene in Matthew 27 and the scenes in Revelation 4 & 16. Some of the more blatant contrasts are evil company vs. holy company, scarlet robe vs. robe dipped in blood, crown of thorns vs. royal diadem, mocking vs. worship, reed vs. iron scepter and beatings vs. bowing.

Other, more subtle contrasts can be found in the passages though. For instance, Jesus did not bear his own cross, but had Simon the Cyrenian carry it for him. While in the book of Revelation, the Lamb is the only one who is able to bear the burden. It was through submission that Christ defeated Sin, He was the only one who could do it.

In Pilate's court, Jesus stood on trial. In heaven, he is the judge of all things. Again in Pilate's court, Barabbas is deemed worthy of freedom while Jesus was condemned. In heaven, Jesus is worthy of praise because he has canceled out condemnation for all who believe.

Finally, we have Pilate's own actions as he washed his hands of the situation. He wanted nothing to do with the proceedings. He wanted to be clean of everything. We see Jesus as a Lamb that was freshly slain--white wool with a deep, wet crimson stain. He did not stand back--He thrust Himself into the center of the fray. And now, ironically, the only way to be truly clean is to identify yourself with Him. What Pilate did was the last thing he needed to do.

What he needed, & what we all need, is to have that blood cover us.

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