Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Announcing: Nuggets of Nacho

As you may know from reading my Holy Things or Read Books blogs, I am an avid Nacho Libre fan. I love watching & quoting the movie with friends & it has been a source of inspiration for both of these blogs. I mean, seriously, just look at my color scheme!

Today, January 16 of the year 2013, I am announcing a weekly feature where I post a short devotional based on a Nacho Libre quote. I have been mulling this feature for about a year & a half now. I have compiled quotes that may be relevant. I have been challenged by an elder at my church to write these. And I am now taking the plunge.

These features will post every Thursday at 10 AM, EST. (I have friends in other time-zones that love Nacho as much as or possibly more than I do.) In fact, the first one is already composed and scheduled. I will tag each post with Nuggets of Nacho so you can find them easily. I warn you, at times I may think creatively through specific quotes. But I truly believe that if we take time to think things through on a spiritual level, even our silliness can hold profound truths. I pray that this journey is beneficial for everyone involved.

Help Me Out

Feel free to use the comments section of this or any Nuggets of Nacho post to give me your suggestions for a unique post. The posts will require a quote from the movie, scripture reference & application. Have at it & have fun!

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