Thursday, March 28, 2013

Killing Gays While Eating Crab Cakes

I've been tense lately, prowling Social Media waiting for someone to challenge my inconsistent hermeneutic as I proclaim homosexuality to be a sinful act according to the Bible while enjoying my shellfish dinners.

How I've been feeling recently about overnight...
How I've been feeling recently about overnight theology experts: (Photo credit: CMJimenez)
To tell the truth, those who use that charge are either 1) clearly ignorant of the Bible and how God is revealed therein or 2) not genuinely interested in solid biblical answers to this sensitive topic.

How God reveals himself

The vast majority of Christendom believes in some form of progressive revelation. You may call yourself a dispensationalist or a covenant theologian or some other distinction, fact is, you believe that God moved from a perfect revelation of himself in the garden of Eden to other formats culminating with the Hebrew Theocracy.

A Theocracy is a system of government--political. Given the fact that this political system is a government-sanctioned religion, we have corporate punishment for trespassers. We read not only of dietary and sexual prohibitions, but disobedient children were also put to death.

In the New Testament, the Lord Jesus took on Himself God's corporal punishment for sin and passed forgiveness to his people spiritually. We no longer operate under a political system where God requires capital punishment on the basis of religious grounds. Further, we are absolved from dietary and ceremonial restrictions.

Now that the degree of punishment is gone, sin is left on an equal plane. There is no sin that is worse than another. Notice I have not used the word abomination yet (guess I messed that one up). Christians should believe that no sin is worse than another. All are equally damning for the human soul, regardless of how difficult it is to talk about.

Current Events

In light of that theology, I must say that I politically have every right to state my opinion as based in scripture. However, I don't feel like my faith is going to be shattered in any way that the courts rule. We are not living in a christian nation, we have no legislated morality and probably should not. We should be free to practice our religion as God sees fit.

This post is, admittedly, short and concise. It is in no way a complete exposition on the way God reveals himself through scripture. I suggest further research on either the dispensations of God or his covenants for interested individuals.
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