Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is Natural Love Created Equal?

With this political atmosphere I have been forced to consider sin & it's manifestation in the human race. Namely, is sin natural or unnatural?

We have no definitive statement either way. Sometimes scripture talks about how men would be given over to their natural desires. Other times, sin is described like an alien invasion. What is true?

The importance of this discussion seems monumental. "It's natural" serves as a justification for a lot of things. But what does the Bible say?

I feel that the Bible leans more towards acknowledging that these things are natural--even if you describe it asan alien nature, it is here with us now.

Would I be surprised if scientists found a homosexual gene or mental wavelength? No. Not one bit. And my faith would not be shaken.

You see, scripture says we naturally sin and must supernaturally over come it. Scripture assumes we are liars and tells us to be truthful. Scripture assumes we are murderers and tells us to love. Scripture assumes us to be lustful and tells us to be pure. Therefore, it follows that when scripture talks about homosexuality, that trait is natural and it must be overcome.

These things are not easy or nice to hear. But I cannot see around it. Just because something is natural does not make it right. I am not advocating hate crimes or prejudice, I speak only theologically in this article. The Christian response to this issue is as it always is, to live one another.
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