Thursday, November 1, 2012

Elijah & the Double Portion (First Guest!)

Podcast: The Christopher Jimenez Show

I am joined by my first guest on the show ever: Steve Slusser. Steve holds degrees in Nursing from the University of South Florida & Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is currently the Director of Camp Horizon & my father in law. You can find his blog at A Word With Friends.

In this podcast, Steve lays a foundation for understanding the double portion as it is intended in 2 Kings 2 & throughout the Old Testament. In addition, he gives us a few principles that can be translated into our lives as we seek to be used as tools for God's purposes.


  • Who was Elijah?
  • What was the inheritance of the Levite?
  • What about the law concerning the inheritance of the firstborn?
  • How do these elements relate to the double portion?

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