Saturday, November 24, 2012

Richard Dawkins & Alister McGrath Debate

Apologetics FTW (For the Win!)

I was recently asked to recommend reading for an intellectual & to be honest I was not sure where to begin. I asked a few of my trusted thinkers & they directed me to Alister McGrath. After a quick Google search I found this series of videos documenting a debate between he and Richard Dawkins (I put together a playlist & am pretty sure I successfully embedded it here). I like the way McGrath comported himself & delivered succinct answers to all of Dawkins' questions. It even appears that McGrath was able to earn Dawkins' respect, which is the ultimate skill for a debater. 

As for the content, there are several places where Alister McGrath delivers excellent points. There are also several weak areas where he could have directed the conversation differently for maximum effect. I suppose this happens to everyone when engaged in a discussion. You know, on the way home you remember something you should have said that would have been a better point. But, alas, the discussion is over & you're talking about how awesome the Miami Heat are or something.

In addition to McGrath's responses take note of Dawkins' concerns. He is not an idiot, & raises several valid questions. I think there's a lot that can be learned from this debate--from both sides.
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