Thursday, November 8, 2012

Not Many Masters

Meeting Notes

Check out my meeting notes from last night's message. It is hosted on Evernote, a great note taking application that I recommend for everyone who wants to remember anything. The topic was "Be Not Many Masters" in the Challenge of the Double Portion section of our Passing the Faith Along Series at Bible Truth Chapel. The passages suggested for this study were James 3 & Galatians 2. I used the SCORRE Worksheet to express my thought process & organize them.

I know, that was a mouthful.

Some Highlights

For those of you who just want the highlights, here they are. 
  • We focused on the Responsibilities of a Teacher / Master & how those responsibilities relate to James' statement that there should not be many teachers.
  • We stated that every teacher should be fully aware of their responsibilities because they are subject to a higher standard.
  • We emphasized that the teacher is subject to a higher standard because God is specifically interested in what His people are being taught.
  • We answered the question: Does this passage mean there should be only a small number of good teachers?
  • We explored the question: What happens when we drop the ball?
The evening's message was recorded & I expect any gaps in the study can be understood by listening to the recording. It should be up in a couple weeks. If you have a pressing question, leave me a comment & I will gladly respond. Or hit me up on Twitter!

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